UWA Handbook 2017

Major details


Eliza Langham

My final architecture project involved working with the Department of Culture and the Arts to reimagine the State Library of Western Australia. I presented my research and designs to different levels of government and decision makers which was a great opportunity to work on a topic with immediate application in the community.

Architecture major

Studying Architecture provides you with a rich combination of experiences in imaginative creativity, the humanities and the sciences. Students learn about the conceptualisation and design of individual buildings, urban configurations and landscapes in response to existing and emerging economic, technical and social needs and desires. This major introduces students to a range of different technologies and production methods, both manual and digitally based, to create drawings, models and prototypes. Your practical studies are supported by investigating design communication, sustainable design and considerations of relevant historical, theoretical and ethical aspects of architecture. You emerge with a knowledge of how to use creative and rational inquiry to analyse and provide solutions to design problems, integrating emerging aesthetic, technical, social and ethical concerns. Students who wish to progress to the Master of Architecture must successfully complete the Architecture major in conjunction with the Integrated Design major.


Students are able to (1) demonstrate skills in conceptualising, developing technical solutions and actualising design proposals of a range of complexities from small and simple to proposals of medium complexity; (2) present these proposals through a range of media, both digital and hand-drawn, and digital and physical models; and (3) be conversant in the history and theory of the profession, and be capable of undertaking the professional architectural degree.

Degree-specific major

Degree-specific major

Architecture can only be taken as a degree-specific major in the following degree courses:

BP003 Bachelor of Design
BH005 Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)

Integrated Design is a co-requisite of the Architecture major.

Overview of unit sequence

Architecture is a degree-specific single major comprising:

  • two Level 1 units
  • two Level 2 units
  • three Level 3 units
  • two Level 1 complementary units
  • two Level 2 complementary units
Key to availability of units:
S1 = Semester 1; S2 = Semester 2; SS = summer teaching period; N/A = not available in 2017;
NS = non-standard teaching period; OS = offshore teaching period; * = to be advised

Choosing your degree-specific major

You must satisfy the requirements of a degree-specific major before you complete your course. The flexible structure of an undergraduate course allows you to try out a number of different subjects to see what interests you before nominating your degree-specific major. You have the choice to either nominate your degree-specific major when you first enrol in the course or delay nominating it until your second year.

To plan the first year of your study without nominating a degree-specific major, you are advised to choose units that will pave the way to two or more degree-specific majors that are of interest to you. For examples of the choice of units available in first year, search the first-year study plans .

To fully understand the structure of an undergraduate course, read the course structure information and the Undergraduate Degree Course Rules.

The following example illustrates how the Architecture degree-specific major with Integrated Design as a co-requisite can be included in the Bachelor of Design course.

Example: Course Study Plan: CSP003-ARCTR-IDSGN (opens in a new window)

There are more choices open to you. For more examples, search the study plans .