UWA Handbook 2017

UWA Business School

Business School policies and guidelines

All higher degree studies taken by way of research only are under the control of the Academic Board through the Board of the Graduate Research School. These degrees are governed by the Master's Degree by Research Rules and Doctor of Philosophy Rules. Also refer to the Graduate Research School policies and guidelines. The Business School's Board of Postgraduate Coursework Studies administers postgraduate programs by coursework only or by coursework and dissertation and graduate certificates that articulate with these programs. The Board of MBA studies administers MBA programs and associated graduate certificates that articulate with the MBA by coursework. The Board of Higher Degrees by Research administers the Doctor of Business Administration. It also coordinates aspects of candidature for master's degrees by research and the Doctor of Philosophy degree, as approved by the Board of the Graduate Research School.

  1. Approval of unit selection
  2. Assessment, examinations and appeals
  3. Fees for postgraduate courses
  4. Minimum enrolment numbers
  5. Satisfactory progress and progress status

Approval of unit selection

All students should read the UWA Business School Rules before choosing their units. Students should pay particular attention to the prescribed units for all postgraduate degrees and to the unit rules that are listed under each unit description in the Unit details section. Questions relating to a student's course of study should be directed to the Postgraduate Student Centre on 6488 3980 or askUWA.

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Assessment, examinations and appeals

The Business School is responsible for the formulation of a faculty-wide policy in areas related to academic assessment undertaken by schools offering units in their degrees.

Assessment practices

Details on the formal assessment of work contributing to students' final marks in the units in which they are enrolled are included in the unit outline of each unit.


Student Rules 43 and 44 provide for appeals against academic assessment and appeals against progress status respectively. Students should also refer to assessment, satisfactory progress, unsatisfactory progress and progress status, appeals and grievances, University Policy on: Review and Appeal of Academic Decisions Relating to Students and Review and Appeal of Academic Decisions Relating to Students.

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Fees for postgraduate courses

Refer to tuition fees for postgraduate coursework. Students may be eligible for FEE-HELP from the Commonwealth Government. Further information is provided by Student Administration on the University fees and charges page. Any queries should be directed to askUWA.

International tuition fees are fixed for the duration of the course. Refer to fees for postgraduate coursework degrees for details of course fees.

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Minimum enrolment numbers

In accordance with University Policy on: Changes to Units, units may be cancelled if a minimum enrolment of 20 students is not achieved. Students enrolled in a cancelled unit will be notified of any cancellation in writing and will be required to change their enrolment.

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Academic conduct

It is important for all students to read the University Policy on: Academic Conduct.

The Business School's policy on plagiarism is included in the unit outlines.

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A number of prizes are available to the best students completing specific units within the Business School.

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Satisfactory progress and progress status

Full details on satisfactory progress and progress status are described in the rules for each course (refer to the UWA Business School Rules).

Satisfactory progress

To make satisfactory progress, students must comply with the relevant rules for their course (refer to the UWA Business School Rules).

Opportunity to show cause

Students who have been assigned a progress status of 'Suspended' or 'Excluded' are provided with an opportunity to submit a statement of the reasons for their failure to make satisfactory progress and of the steps they have taken, or will take, to address these circumstances if they are permitted to re-enrol. Refer to Student Rule 36 and the University Policy on: Review and Appeal of Academic Decisions Relating to Students for further details.

Progress status categories

Following is a summary of the Business School's progress status categories and associated outcomes:

Good Standing

Students who have made satisfactory progress are given the status of 'Good Standing' and are permitted to re-enrol.

On Probation

Excluded students who are permitted to re-enrol will be awarded a progress status of 'On Probation' and must comply with any conditions placed on their re-enrolment.


The Dean, on the recommendation of the Board of Examiners in Business, may exclude a student who has failed to make satisfactory progress. A student who has been excluded must re-apply if they wish to return to study in the course.

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