UWA Handbook 2017

Faculty of Law

Faculty policies and guidelines

All higher degree studies taken by way of research only are under the control of the Academic Board through the Board of the Graduate Research School. These degrees are governed by the Master's Degree by Research Rules and the Doctor of Philosophy Rules. Also refer to the Graduate Research School policies and guidelines. The Faculty of Law's Higher Degrees Committee administers all postgraduate studies by coursework. The Doctor of Juridical Science is administered by the Governing Board of the Doctor of Juridical Science.

  1. Course entry and prerequisites
  2. Fees for postgraduate courses
  3. Candidature
  4. Approval of unit selection (or design of courses)
  5. Minimum enrolment numbers
  6. Credit
  7. Assessment
  8. Progress status
  9. Appeals
  10. Aacademic conduct

Course entry and prerequisites

Information and application forms for postgraduate courses offered by the Faculty can be obtained from the postgraduate applications page.

For further information students should contact the Law Office.

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Fees for postgraduate courses

Refer to tuition fees for postgraduate coursework programs. Students may be eligible for FEE-HELP from the Commonwealth Government. Further information on university fees and charges is provided by Student Administration. Any queries should be directed to the Fees Officer, Student Administration, telephone 6488 8745.

All international students at UWA are required to pay tuition fees for their research and coursework programs. Tuition fees are fixed for the duration of the course. Refer to fees for postgraduate coursework degrees for details of course fees.

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Continued candidature in subsequent years is subject to satisfactory performance in the previous year. Coursework students are judged on their results to date.

Enrolment should normally be continuous until the course is completed. Any request for suspension of enrolment should be via an approved leave application.

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Approval of unit selection (or design of courses)

All students are advised to consult the Faculty Rules before choosing units. Students should pay particular attention to the unit rules which are listed under each unit description in the Unit details section. Not all units listed in the Faculty Rules are offered each year. Students who have any questions in relation to their courses should consult the unit coordinator.

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Minimum enrolment numbers

Units may be cancelled if the circumstances warrant it in accordance with the University Policy on: Changes to Units.

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The Faculty welcomes enquiries about the granting of credit towards its courses on the basis of relevant prior study at an appropriate level. Each application for credit is assessed on its merits in the context of the University and Faculty policies on the granting of credit. In approving credit, the Faculty is concerned to ensure that credit granted is compatible with the structure of the academic program to which a student is admitted and that advanced standing in a course is appropriate to the student's background. Enquiries on credit should be addressed to the Faculty Administrative Officer. Note that the Higher Degrees Committee does not consider practical legal training to be suitable for credit to the Faculty's postgraduate courses.

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The means of assessment of student performance must comply with the University Policy on assessment. Faculties may have specific rules in areas related to academic assessment undertaken by schools offering postgraduate courses. This may include:

  • deferred, supplementary, and qualifying examinations;
  • academic misconduct including cheating, plagiarism and fabrication and falsification of data.

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Progress status

Each faculty makes such arrangements as it thinks proper for dealing with students who have failed to make satisfactory progress. The rules governing satisfactory progress are described in the Student Rules, the Faculty Rules and the University Policy on: Academic progress (other than in courses administered by the Graduate Research School).

Opportunity to show cause

Students who have been assigned a progress status of 'Suspended' or 'Excluded' are provided with an opportunity to submit a statement of the reasons for their failure to make satisfactory progress and of the steps they have taken, or will take, to address these if they are permitted to re-enrol. Refer to Student Rule 36 and the University Policy on: Review and Appeal of Academic Decisions Relating to Students for further details.

Progress status categories

Following is a summary of the Faculty's progress status categories and associated outcomes for postgraduate students.

(1) Part-time students in their first year of enrolment who fail to make satisfactory progress as set out in Student Rules 35, 37 are assigned a status of 'On Probation'.

Students who fail to make satisfactory progress other than those covered by (1) are assigned a status of 'Excluded' unless the Faculty determines otherwise in light of exceptional circumstances.

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Reviews and appeals

Student Rules 43 and 44 provide for appeals against academic assessment and appeals against progress status respectively. Students should refer to assessment, satisfactory progress, unsatisfactory progress and progress status, appeals and grievances, University Policy on: Review and Appeal of Academic Decisions Relating to Students and Review and Appeal of Academic Decisions Relating to Students.

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Academic conduct

It is important for all students to read the University Policy on: Academic Conduct.

To access the Faculty's policy on this issue refer to academic conduct.

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