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Getting help

At UWA some types of enquiries are dealt with by central administrative areas, others by staff in the faculties and some enquiries involve contact with both areas. It is not always immediately obvious which section should deal with a particular enquiry. For this reason it is important for students to be as clear as possible about their enquiries when speaking with University staff so that they can provide the correct advice or refer students to the appropriate area.

Following is a general guide:

  • course planning (including advice on changing enrolment): for students in higher degrees by research, the Graduate Research School; for students in postgraduate coursework degrees, the relevant student centre or faculty office;
  • course rules or queries regarding current or proposed enrolment: for students in higher degrees by research, the Graduate Research School; for students in postgraduate coursework degrees, the senior faculty administrative officer or faculty administrative officer of the relevant faculty;
  • content of a particular subject or unit: the head of school, course coordinator or unit coordinator concerned (see Unit details);
  • to obtain most application forms, transcripts of academic records, pay for student administrative services or enquire about examinations or examination timetables: Student Administration;
  • to obtain information on higher degrees by research: Graduate Research School.

For contact details of sections mentioned above see under Contact details. More detailed contact information for faculty, graduate research school staff is listed under the individual faculties and the Graduate Research School in the Faculties and Graduate Research School section.

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About you

Your rights and responsibilities

Any person who enrols as a student of The University of Western Australia is by virtue of that action subject, throughout their period of enrolment in any course, to all laws relevant to a student of the University including the University's internal statutes, regulations, rules, by-laws and policies. This means a student of The University of Western Australia has certain rights and responsibilities. This handbook contains information about University rules, policies and procedures as well as information specific to individual faculties and/or degree courses. Commencing and re-enrolling undergraduate students need to be aware of this information to carry out their responsibilities as a student.

Confidentiality of personal information

Statement to students on confidentiality of personal information

This is a statement of the University's obligations in relation to the personal information it holds about students.

Students are entitled to protection of their privacy, as are staff members and others who have dealings with the University. Privacy considerations apply to a great deal of information the University may hold about students including factual data (address, age, enrolment status, etc.), academic progress (examination results, evaluation and assessment, and academic standing) and personal welfare (family matters, medical matters, financial matters, etc.).

Staff members of the University may require access at times to personal information about students in the students' interests. To the extent that the information is private, the University will restrict access to those staff members who may need the information in order to carry out their responsibilities in the personal and/or academic interests of students of this University.

The University will not disclose personal information about students to other students, to people outside the University (other than in accordance with any legal or academic obligation) or to staff members who have no need of access to the information without the written consent of the student. askUWA is an online enquiry system for staff and students and is used to record advice given to students which is accessible by all student advisers. The system indicates that the enquiry and any attachments will be accessible to student advisors and students are therefore requested not to submit confidential information or documents into the system due to this broader accessibility.

This means that the University does not release any information it holds about students, including their address or results, even to close relatives, without their permission.

  • The University informs Centrelink of a student's enrolment details (but not results) if he or she is receiving payments (Youth Allowance/Austudy/Abstudy).
  • The University releases statistical information to the relevant Australian Government department as noted on a student's enrolment. This information is held by the department in a form which does not permit individual identification.
  • In accordance with the Higher Education Support Act 2003, section 180–25, the University releases student contact information to Commonwealth appointed officers in order to improve the provision of higher education by enabling the Commonwealth to conduct surveys of students or former students of higher education providers.
  • The University informs the Australian Taxation Office via the relevant Australian Government department about a student's HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP, OS-HELP and SA-HELP liabilities each semester (students consent to this by signing a Request for Commonwealth Assistance form).
  • In the case of international students, the University gives the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the relevant Australian Government department certain information which it is required to release.
  • If a student is in receipt of social security benefits the University may be asked to provide information to the Department of Social Services.
  • If a student is alleged to have committed a criminal offence, the University may be requested to assist the police with personal information about the student for the enforcement of the criminal law.
  • The University confirms a student's enrolment status to confirm eligibility for concession rates with Transperth as required.
  • If a student transfers to another tertiary institution the University may release to that institution information about the student's academic progress at this University; normally the student will have consented to this in his or her application to the new institution.
  • If a student's re-admission to an Affiliated College or Hall of Residence is dependent on his or her academic results, the University may provide the results to the college or hall.

Equity and diversity

The University is committed to promoting equality of opportunity for all existing and prospective students, and staff, and to providing a positive, inclusive and supportive learning and working environment. Further information about the University's equity and diversity policies can be obtained from the Equity and Diversity Office, telephone 6488 3873, or from its website.

Accessing your student file

If you have a legitimate reason for inspecting information on your student file you may apply to the Registrar to do so, stating your reasons for the request. The Registrar may then approve the provision of copies of parts of your file which relate to your request.

You will not be permitted to inspect any confidential reports unless the author has given written permission for you to do so. Confidential reports may include documents relating to disciplinary matters, to academic performance and progress and to the award of scholarships and prizes.

If you wish to request a copy of a letter or part of an application, restrictions apply.

Only copies of material that you have written or submitted to the University can be supplied to you. Students should at no time hand over original documentation such as a birth certificate or high school certificate as these cannot be returned once submitted.

If you wish to access material in your student file which has been supplied by a third party or has had notes added to it later by a third party you will need to contact the FOI Coordinator, Legal Services Office, telephone 6488 4759, fax 6488 1328, email vittoria.wilkin@uwa.edu.au.

Access to information on your student file can only be given to a third party if you have supplied written permission which can be verified.

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Campus locations

Map of Australia showing relative locations of Perth, Geraldton and Albany in WA.

Perth campus

Situated by the Swan River, the Perth campus spreads over some 46 hectares and is only five minutes from the centre of Perth.

Postal address 35 Stirling Highway
Perth WA 6009
Telephone +61 8 6488 6000
Facsimile +61 8 6488 1380
Email general.enquiries@uwa.edu.au
Website http://www.uwa.edu.au/
Map http://www.uwa.edu.au/campus-map

Albany Centre

The Albany Centre offers an innovative and practical approach to the provision of educational services to the regional community.

Postal address PO Box 5771, Albany WA 6332
Street address 35 Stirling Terrace, Albany WA 6330
Telephone +61 8 9842 0888
Facsimile +61 8 9842 0877
Email albany.centre@uwa.edu.au
Website http://www.albany.uwa.edu.au/

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