UWA Handbook 2017

Faculty of Science

Honours in the Bachelor of Science (5011H)

Students are normally required to enrol in the honours course on a full-time basis. Part-time enrolments may be permitted with the special approval of the head of school and the Dean. The honours course is seen as an integrated program and breaks in enrolment are not normally permitted.

Subject to the approval of the head of school and the Dean, part-time honours may be undertaken in those schools which offer an identical honours program in another faculty which is available on a part-time basis (e.g. anthropology, archaeology, geography, linguistics, psychology).

Students are required to submit an application for entry to honours, normally through Student Connect, by the due date.

Students normally undertake honours in one of their majors. Joint honours is permitted for students who qualify in more than one major (see below).

Students must normally achieve at least a 65 per cent weighted average in the Level 3 units comprising the major in which they intend to undertake honours. A higher standard is set by some schools or disciplines. Students who have not achieved the required standard for entry should consider submitting an application for entry to a Graduate Diploma.

Joint honours courses between two or more schools or disciplines are possible in the Faculty of Science. Students interested in a joint course should consult the heads of the schools concerned to discuss the feasibility of such a program and plan a suitable course. Arrangements for joint honours must be approved by the Faculty.

In exceptional circumstances, and on the recommendation of the head of school concerned, the Faculty may permit a student for the pass degree who requires 12 points or fewer to complete that degree to enrol concurrently for the degree with honours. In this case the student must complete the remaining requirements for the pass degree within a period of time specified by the Faculty, and no later than the meeting of the Board of Examiners for deferred and supplementary examinations following completion of honours.

Students in combined courses may normally either interrupt the combined course to take science honours once they have completed the requirements of the science degree (including any non-science units required), or delay their honours enrolment until they have completed the combined course. They are not normally permitted to enrol concurrently in science honours and in the non-science component of the combined course.

The following broad definitions of the honours grades are applied:

Honours H1: HD+ (90?100)?awarded to outstanding students with high-level performance over the whole honours course who have shown a capacity for independent work, particularly in the dissertation. Normally, such students would have achieved results at a high level throughout their undergraduate courses.

H1: HD- (80?89)?as for HD+, awarded to students who may have some minor weakness in presentation or structure or some minor inconsistency or oversight.

2A: D+ (75?79)?awarded to students who show a high level of competence in one or two aspects of conceptualisation, methodology, statistical analysis or discussion.

2A: D- (70?74)?awarded to students who show consistently sound work with well-structured arguments leading to development of the hypotheses, appropriate methodology and statistical treatments and an accurate interpretation of the results but lacking in strength elsewhere.

2B: CR (65?69)?awarded to students whose work shows critical misconceptions, inconsistencies or omissions in one or more areas.

H3: Pass (50?64)?awarded to students whose work shows a number of misconceptions, inconsistencies or omissions.

Fail: (<50)?incurred if the student has failed to demonstrate competence in the major part of the honours course.

Withdrawal and change of enrolment

A student who withdraws from the honours course after one full-time or two-part time semesters will be declared to have failed the course, unless the Faculty permits otherwise in recognition of exceptional circumstances. Enrolment cannot normally be reduced from full-time to part-time after the beginning of the second semester.

Honours satisfactory progress and progress status

To make satisfactory progress in the course, students must pass all the units for which they are enrolled after the final withdrawal date.

Progress status

The Dean, on the recommendation of the Board of Examiners, may exclude a student who has failed to make satisfactory progress.