UWA Handbook 2017


Honours at UWA normally involves undertaking an additional year of study at the end of a three-year bachelor's degree. As a Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) student you will take this honours year as part of your four-year degree course.

An honours program1 involves one year of full-time study (or equivalent) and includes both research and coursework components. It consists of the equivalent of eight Level 4 units, normally including a dissertation of approximately 15,000 words (equal to four Level 4 units) which is completed over two consecutive semesters.

Honours students conduct a research project, developing valuable skills in advanced problem solving, critical thinking, independent learning and communication that are highly regarded by employers and important for further academic study. Your honours program will build on the advanced training in research and communication skills that commences in your first year.

You may apply for honours in any discipline or field of study in which you completed a major (either as a degree-specific major or as a second major).

Honours is available to Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) students in the areas of specialisation offered by the following courses:

1 Honours programs for different disciplines may vary.

Satisfactory progress

To be awarded the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) degree you must achieve an honours classification of 2A or above. If you receive an honours classification below 2A you will be awarded the degree to which your degree-specific major belongs and the relevant classification of honours.