UWA Handbook 2017

Bachelor of Arts


Congratulations on your decision to study Arts at UWA. The main focus of the Bachelor of Arts course is on how human beings create, recognise, and negotiate social meanings and values. The wide range of majors and electives gives you the opportunity to construct a course of study that best suits you. You will discover your particular talents, interests and abilities and will have the chance to explore these fully. You will develop skills that are highly sought after by all employers such as critical thinking, clear communication, acute reasoning, and independent, resourceful and reflective problem-solving abilities. The Bachelor of Arts course includes opportunities to travel overseas to broaden your studies and improve your cultural competence. You can also enrol in an Arts Practicum or internship to gain valuable workplace experience. The knowledge and skills you acquire, whichever major(s) you choose, will equip you for success in your future life and career.




Course advice

Course advice

All enrolled students are allocated to a Student Office according to their individual study choices. Your Student Office will provide you with course information and advice. You can ask a question in person, online or via phone with an adviser. To find out which Student Office you are assigned to, log on to studentConnect.