UWA Handbook 2017

Bachelor of Design


Congratulations on your decision to study design at UWA. The main focus of the Bachelor of Design course at UWA is on devising and producing objects, places, spaces and processes. Studies in this course have a significant emphasis on creative endeavour, innovation and critical enquiry, and much of the learning will occur through immersion in the design studio or workshop environment. Students enrolling in any of the majors in this degree will cultivate the ability to think like designers. They will acquire knowledge and develop skills that are becoming increasingly valuable in a variety of fields, but especially for careers in architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, urban design and product design. Students choosing this course of study will experience an exciting and rewarding journey into a world that blends theoretical, historical, environmental, technical and practical knowledge and skills.




Course advice

Course advice

All enrolled students are allocated to a Student Office according to their individual study choices. Your Student Office will provide you with course information and advice. You can ask a question in person, online or via phone with an adviser. To find out which Student Office you are assigned to, please log on to studentConnect.