UWA Handbook 2017

Honours course

Honours in Communication and Media Studies

Honours in Communication and Media Studies develops your understanding of the field and your capacity to contribute to this field. It introduces you to sophisticated disciplinary concepts and texts while developing your theoretical, creative and practical media skills. You will work on an original major research project, involving the development of research skills, including preparation of research proposals and critical bibliographies, acquisition of research materials and consideration of method. You will also develop a range of communication skills. Successful completion of an honours degree in Communication and Media Studies will be very valuable in areas such as journalism, the media, advertising, public relations, multimedia production, public administration, business, government and education, as well as preparing you for postgraduate research.

Outcomes: Students are able to (1) understand and analyse advanced disciplinary concepts in media and communication; (2) undertake advanced research projects and manage all phases including inception, planning, development, conduct, analysis, presentation and finalisation; (3) analyse key media and communication texts in complex areas with advanced application of theory; (4) engage in advanced practical, creative and production activities with specific, well-planned outcomes; and (5) communicate with a very high level of expression, oral presentation and effectiveness.

Entry requirements: the equivalent of a UWA weighted average mark of at least 70 per cent in the Level 3 units of the Communication and Media Studies major.

Intake periods: Beginning of year and mid-year

Honours sequence

Key to availability of units:
S1 = Semester 1; S2 = Semester 2; NS = non-standard teaching period

See the Discipline Honours Handbook for details on semester study patterns.

Take all units (24 points):
AvailabilityUnit codeUnit name Unit rules
S1, S2COMM4140Dissertation (Communication and Media Studies) 1None
S1, S2COMM4141Dissertation (Communication and Media Studies) 2Prerequisites: COMM4140 Dissertation (Communication and Media Studies) 1
Group A—take unit(s) to the value of 6 points:
AvailabilityUnit codeUnit name Unit rules
S1COMM4101Concepts in CommunicationIncompatibility: COMM7481 Honours Seminar 1 (Communication Studies), SOCS4100 Honours Research Skills
S1, S2SOCS4100Honours Research SkillsIncompatibility: COMM4101 Concepts in Communication, COMM7481 Honours Seminar 1 (Communication Studies)
Group B—take unit(s) to the value of 18 points:
AvailabilityUnit codeUnit name Unit rules
S1COMM4102Sexuality, Media, CultureIncompatibility: COMM7482 Honours Seminar 2 (Communication Studies)
S2COMM4103iGenerationIncompatibility: COMM7483 Honours Seminar 3 (Communication Studies)
S2COMM4104Public CommunicationIncompatibility: COMM7484 Honours Seminar 4 (Communication Studies)
S1COMM4604Media Law and EthicsIncompatibility: COMM5604 Media Law and Ethics
NSCOMM4704Global Media and Cross-cultural CommunicationIncompatibility: COMM5704 Global Media and Cross-cultural Communication