UWA Handbook 2017

Continuing education

Your educational experience at UWA does not have to be over just because you have finished your studies! There are a number of ways for you to remain involved in the University community.

UWA Extension

UWA Extension is part of the University's community outreach program and offers a range of short courses, workshops and events, run throughout the year, that provide intellectual, artistic, personal and vocational opportunities. For most courses there are no prerequisites and anyone can apply including current students.

Activities range from one-off lectures to half-day workshops or seminars and courses of up to six weeks. A detailed program of events, including information on how to register or enrol, is published regularly and can also be found online at the UWA Extension website.


The Access UWA program allows you to enrol in most units currently offered at the University without undertaking a specific course. You can choose to participate, with or without assessment, but must meet any unit prerequisites and gain faculty approval. The program is open to all Australian citizens or Australian Residency permit holders.

Units studied through Access UWA can be credited towards a degree course, subject to approval.

To find out what is available, browse the list of units or contact the faculty or school that covers your area of interest.

To find out more about how AccessUWA might work for you visit our website.