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DENT6860  Paediatric Dentistry Clinical Practice I Part 1
DENT6861  Paediatric Dentistry Clinical Practice I Part 2
DENT6862  Paediatric Dentistry Clinical Practice II Part 1
DENT6863  Paediatric Dentistry Clinical Practice II Part 2
DENT6864  Paediatric Dentistry Clinical Practice III Part 1
DENT6865  Paediatric Dentistry Clinical Practice III Part 2
DENT6866  Paediatric Dentistry Research Dissertation
DENT6854  Paediatric Dentistry Theory I Part 1
DENT6855  Paediatric Dentistry Theory I Part 2
DENT6856  Paediatric Dentistry Theory II Part 1
DENT6857  Paediatric Dentistry Theory II Part 2
DENT6858  Paediatric Dentistry Theory III Part 1
DENT6859  Paediatric Dentistry Theory III Part 2
SSEH5667  Paediatric Exercise Rehabilitation
PAED5702  Paediatric Sleep Science
DENT5637  Paedodontics and Orthodontics
ENGL1401  Page and Screen: Fiction in the Digital Age
VISA2215  Painting Now
ARCT2010  Parallel Modernities in Art and Architecture
CHPR4405  Particle Mechanics and Solids Handling
AGRI2201  Pasture and Livestock Systems
PTMT5562  Pathoanatomy and Mechanics of the Vertebral Column
PTMT5707  Pathoanatomy and Mechanics of the Vertebral Column
PATH3307  Pathology and Laboratory Medicine I
PATH3308  Pathology and Laboratory Medicine II
SVLG1006  Pathways to Citizenship
POLS5671  Peace and Security in Africa
EDUC5709  Pedagogy in Tertiary Teaching
SCOM5308  Peer Review
PSYC3318  Perception and Sensory Neuropsychology
PSYC2218  Perception and Sensory Neuropsychology
ACCT3206  Performance Measurement and Evaluation
DENT5636  Periodontics
DENT6843  Periodontics Clinical Practice I Part 1
DENT6844  Periodontics Clinical Practice I Part 2
DENT6845  Periodontics Clinical Practice II Part 1
DENT6846  Periodontics Clinical Practice II Part 2
DENT6847  Periodontics Clinical Practice III Part 1
DENT6848  Periodontics Clinical Practice III Part 2
DENT6850  Periodontics Research Dissertation
DENT6837  Periodontics Theory I Part 1
DENT6838  Periodontics Theory I Part 2
DENT6839  Periodontics Theory II Part 1
DENT6840  Periodontics Theory II Part 2
DENT6841  Periodontics Theory III Part 1
DENT6842  Periodontics Theory III Part 2
AHEA6601  Personal and Professional Development (Aboriginal Health) Part 1
AHEA6602  Personal and Professional Development (Aboriginal Health) Part 2
RMED6601  Personal and Professional Development (Rural and Remote Medicine) Part 1
RMED6602  Personal and Professional Development (Rural and Remote Medicine) Part 2
IMED6621  Personal and Professional Development Part 1
IMED6622  Personal and Professional Development Part 2
LAWS5591  Personal Property
EDUC5429  Perspectives in Aboriginal Education
GENG5504  Petroleum Engineering
OGEG5804  Petroleum Geology and Geophysics
GEOS4412  Petroleum Systems
PHCY5618  Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Analysis
PHCY7402  Pharmaceutical Science Honours Research Project Part 1
PHCY7403  Pharmaceutical Science Honours Research Project Part 2
PHCY7400  Pharmaceutical Science Honours Written and Oral Skills Part 1
PHCY7401  Pharmaceutical Science Honours Written and Oral Skills Part 2
PATH5521  Pharmacogenetics, Drug Monitoring and Toxicology
PODI4207  Pharmacology for Podiatrists
PHAR4402  Pharmacology Research Literature Review
PHAR4411  Pharmacology Research Project Part 1
PHAR4421  Pharmacology Research Project Part 2
PHAR4431  Pharmacology Research Project Part 3
PHAR4401  Pharmacology Research Project Part 4
PHCY5801  Pharmacotherapy for Nurses
PHCY5613  Pharmacy Management and Pharmacoeconomics
PHCY5615  Pharmacy Placement I
PHCY5616  Pharmacy Placement II
PHCY5602  Pharmacy Practice and Pharmacotherapy 1
PHCY5612  Pharmacy Practice and Pharmacotherapy 2
PHCY5614  Pharmacy Research Project
PHIL3006  Philosophy East and West
PHIL2004  Philosophy of Mind
PHIL2003  Philosophy of Religion
RMED5802  Philosophy of Rural and Remote Medicine
LING2002  Phonetics and Phonology: the Sounds of the World's Languages
ARCT5536  Photo Real Rendering
CHEM2002  Physical and Analytical Chemistry
SSEH5689  Physical Development, Movement and Health
SSEH5464  Physical Education Curriculum I
SSEH5474  Physical Education Curriculum II
SSEH5687  Physical Ergonomics
SSEH1103  Physical Fitness and Health
PHCY5610  Physical Pharmacy and Biopharmaceutics
PHYS1030  Physics Bridging Unit
PHYS1001  Physics for Scientists and Engineers
PHYS5002  Physics Research Presentation
PHYS5001  Physics Research Project Development
PHYS3340  Physics Vacation Project I
PHYS3341  Physics Vacation Project II
PHYL7406  Physiology Honours Research Project Part 1
PHYL7403  Physiology Honours Research Project Part 2
PHYL7404  Physiology Honours Written and Oral Skills Part 1
PHYL7401  Physiology Honours Written and Oral Skills Part 2
PHYL3002  Physiology of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems
PHYL2002  Physiology of Cells
PHYL2001  Physiology of Human Body Systems
PHYL3004  Physiology of Integrated Organ Function
PHYL3001  Physiology of Membranes, Muscles and Signalling
PHYL3003  Physiology of Nutrition and Metabolism
PAED5709  Physiology of Respiratory Responses
PAED5705  Physiology of Sleep Responses
PHYL5510  Physiology of the Auditory System
HART3333  Picturing the Self: Portraiture in Nineteenth-century Europe
GEOG5004  Place-based Development
PSYC5903  Placement I
PSYC5904  Placement II
PUBH2209  Plagues, Pox and Pandemics: the History of Death and Disease
PLNG5403  Planning and Governance
PLNG4403  Planning and Governance
PLNG4402  Planning Law
PLNG4401  Planning Theory and Practice
BIOL1131  Plant and Animal Biology
AGRI4407  Plant and Human Nutrition
PLNT5541  Plant Biology Honours Research Dissertation Part 1
PLNT5542  Plant Biology Honours Research Dissertation Part 2
PLNT5543  Plant Biology Honours Research Dissertation Part 3
PLNT5544  Plant Biology Honours Research Dissertation Part 4
PLNT5551  Plant Biology Masters Research Dissertation Part 1
PLNT5552  Plant Biology Masters Research Dissertation Part 2
PLNT5553  Plant Biology Masters Research Dissertation Part 3
PLNT5554  Plant Biology Masters Research Dissertation Part 4
PLNT5512  Plant Biology Masters Research Presentation
PLNT5511  Plant Biology Masters Research Project Development
PLNT4512  Plant Biology Research Presentation
PLNT4511  Plant Biology Research Project Development
BIOL5524  Plant Conservation Biology Project Part 1
BIOL5513  Plant Conservation Biology Project Part 1
BIOL5514  Plant Conservation Biology Project Part 2
BIOL5525  Plant Conservation Biology Project Part 2
BIOL5526  Plant Conservation Biology Project Part 3
BIOL5527  Plant Conservation Biology Project Part 4
PLNT2204  Plant Diversity and Evolution
PLNT3301  Plant Physiological Ecology
AGRI5521  Plant Production Project Part 1
AGRI5511  Plant Production Project Part 1
AGRI5512  Plant Production Project Part 2
AGRI5522  Plant Production Project Part 2
AGRI5523  Plant Production Project Part 3
AGRI5524  Plant Production Project Part 4
LACH3030  Plants and Landscape Systems
PLNT2201  Plants in Action
PSYC5595  Plasticity and Rehabilitation
PODI4101  Podiatric Medicine 1
PODI4105  Podiatric Medicine 2
PODI4201  Podiatric Medicine 3
PODI4206  Podiatric Medicine 4
PODI5301  Podiatric Medicine 5
PODI5305  Podiatric Medicine 6
PODI5516  Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Seminars
PODI5514  Podiatric Medicine Practicum
PODI5510  Podiatric Research Methodology
PODI5304  Podiatric Research Project
PODI6570  Podiatric Research Project (full-time)
PODI5521  Podiatric Research Project (full-time)
PODI5522  Podiatric Research Project (part-time)
PODI6571  Podiatric Research Project (part-time)
PODI6900  Podiatric Research Thesis (full-time)
PODI6902  Podiatric Research Thesis (part-time)
PODI5308  Podiatric Seminars
PODI5307  Podiatric Surgery
PODI5515  Podiatric Surgery Practicum
ENGL3001  Poetry and Poetics
SWSP5406  Policy and Community
POLS3326  Political Science Internship
POLS4107  Politics and Policy
POLS3308  Politics in Greater China
POLS2216  Politics in the USA
POLS3317  Politics of New Europe
POLS2231  Politics of the Mass Media
COMM5611  Politics, Business and the Economy
ASIA2004  Popular Culture in Asia
MUSC1350  Popular Music in Global Perspective
PUBH2211  Population Health Field Trip
PUBH7411  Population Health Honours Program Part 1
PUBH7412  Population Health Honours Program Part 2
PUBH4404  Population Health Honours Project Part 1
PUBH4405  Population Health Honours Project Part 2
PUBH7401  Population Health Honours Proposal Part 1
PUBH7402  Population Health Honours Proposal Part 2
PUBH3308  Population Health Practicum
GEOG4001  Population, Migration and Development
PATH5529  Potassium and Acid-base Balance
ENSC3016  Power and Machines
ELEC5504  Power Electronics
ELEC5505  Power System Analysis
COMM1001  Power, Participation and Meaning
ARCT5532  Practical and Theoretical Problems in Global Design Practice (A): Professional and Technical Stream
ARCT5514  Practical and Theoretical Problems in Global Design Practice (B): History/Theory Stream
ARCT5508  Practical Building Conservation
ARCT5509  Practical Building Conservation—Developed Research Project on a Building Construction System
LAWS5213  Practical Issues with Chinese Contracts and Commercial Laws
MUSC1341  Practical Music 1
MUSC1342  Practical Music 2
MUSC2541  Practical Music 3
MUSC2542  Practical Music 4
MUSC3541  Practical Music 5
MUSC3542  Practical Music 6
PSYC5831  Practical Placement I
MUSC3401  Practical Studies 5
MUSC3402  Practical Studies 6
MUSC4401  Practical Studies 7
MUSC4402  Practical Studies 8
COMM5613  Practicum 3: Website Editor
PSYC5678  Practicum I
PAED5502  Practicum I
PSYC5679  Practicum II
PAED5503  Practicum II
MICR5839  Practicum in Infectious Diseases Part 1
MICR5840  Practicum in Infectious Diseases Part 2
LING3004  Pragmatics: Meaning in Use
IMED5421  Preparation for Internship
DENT5631  Primary Dental Care
ANHB5444  Principles and Practice of Human Biology Part 1
ANHB5445  Principles and Practice of Human Biology Part 2
MGMT5526  Principles for Responsible Management
IMED5802  Principles of Assessment and Evaluation
ACCT5522  Principles of Auditing
RMED5803  Principles of Clinical Teaching and Learning (Rural)
DENT5600  Principles of Dental Public Health
GENE2204  Principles of Genetics
PATH5543  Principles of Human Immunology
MICR5842  Principles of Infection and Immunity
GENE2250  Principles of Inheritance
MICR5830  Principles of Mycology and Parasitology
SHPC4001  Principles of Scientific Computation
ACCT5637  Principles of Taxation
IMED5801  Principles of Teaching and Learning
COMM5603  Print and Digital
HART2276  Prints from Dürer to Toulouse-Lautrec
HART3276  Prints from Dürer to Toulouse-Lautrec
FINA5527  Private Wealth Management and Venture Capital
STAT4061  Probability and Stochastic Processes
CITS4406  Problem Solving and Programming
CITS1401  Problem Solving and Programming
PHIL2006  Problems in Philosophical Psychology
LAWS5115  Procedure
ELEC5506  Process Instrumentation and Control
OGEG5806  Process Simulation
ENSC3018  Process Synthesis and Design
ECON5005  Production Economics and Efficiency Analysis
MGMT5605  Professional Business Communications
MGMT5613  Professional Business Research Practice
CITS3200  Professional Computing
DENT5617  Professional Development in Continuing Dental Education
DENT8606  Professional Development in Continuing Dental Education
BUSN5505  Professional Development Practicum
GENG5010  Professional Engineering Portfolio
PSYC5516  Professional Issues in Industrial and Organisational Psychology
NURS5810  Professional Nursing Issues
ARCY5108  Professional Placement (Archaeology) 1
ARCY5109  Professional Placement (Archaeology) 2
IMED5811  Professional Portfolio
SSEH3392  Professional Practice
ARCY4102  Professional Practice (Archaeology)
EDUC5510  Professional Practice A
EDUC5500  Professional Practice B
EDUC5481  Professional Practice I
EDUC5482  Professional Practice II
SSEH3393  Professional Practice Part 1
SSEH3394  Professional Practice Part 2
GENG4010  Professional Practicum
CITS3010  Professional Practicum
GENG5000  Professional Practicum
GENG4020  Professional Practicum
SWSP5607  Professional Supervision
SWSP5618  Professional Supervision and Management: Child Protection
PHCY5000  Professional Work Experience
IMED5810  Program Evaluation
PODI4202  Progression of Clinical Practice 1
PODI4205  Progression of Clinical Practice 2
ANHB5404  Project Analysis
SCIE3366  Project and Risk Management
ANHB5405  Project Design
ARCT4440  Project Implementation and Documentation
MGMT5665  Project Management
ENVT4471  Project Management
INMT2232  Project Management
GENG5505  Project Management and Engineering Practice
ANHB5512  Project Unit Research
SSEH2290  Promoting Lifelong Physical Activity
LAWS4104  Property
DENT6885  Prosthodontics Clinical Practice I Part 1
DENT6886  Prosthodontics Clinical Practice I Part 2
DENT6889  Prosthodontics Clinical Practice II (Part 1)
DENT6890  Prosthodontics Clinical Practice II (Part 2)
DENT6893  Prosthodontics Clinical Practice III (Part 1)
DENT6894  Prosthodontics Clinical Practice III (Part 2)
DENT6895  Prosthodontics Research Dissertation
DENT6883  Prosthodontics Theory I Part 1
DENT6884  Prosthodontics Theory I Part 2
DENT6887  Prosthodontics Theory II (Part 1)
DENT6888  Prosthodontics Theory II (Part 2)
DENT6891  Prosthodontics Theory III (Part 1)
DENT6892  Prosthodontics Theory III (Part 2)
IMED6671  Psychiatry Part 1
IMED6672  Psychiatry Part 2
PSYC3302  Psychological Measurement and its Application
PSYC7418  Psychological Research and Data
PSYC4418  Psychological Research and Data
PSYC4413  Psychological Research and Practice
PSYC7413  Psychological Research and Practice
PSYC7416  Psychological Research and Theory
PSYC4416  Psychological Research and Theory
PSYC4410  Psychological Research Communication Skills
PSYC2203  Psychological Research Methods
PSYC3301  Psychological Research Methods: Design and Analysis
PSYC3303  Psychological Science in the Modern World: Challenges and Controversies
PSYC2212  Psychology and Social Behaviour
PSYC3312  Psychology and Social Behaviour
PSYC5610  Psychology Dissertation Part 1
PSYC5613  Psychology Dissertation Part 2
PSYC4421  Psychology Honours Research Project Part 1
PSYC7421  Psychology Honours Research Project Part 1
PSYC7422  Psychology Honours Research Project Part 2
PSYC4422  Psychology Honours Research Project Part 2
SSEH3375  Psychology of Sport
PSYC5573  Psychology of Training
PSYC2208  Psychology: Atypical Development
PSYC3308  Psychology: Atypical Development
PSYC1102  Psychology: Behaviour in Context
PSYC3313  Psychology: Lifespan Development
PSYC2213  Psychology: Lifespan Development
PSYC1101  Psychology: Mind and Brain
PSYC3311  Psychology: Specialist Research Topics
PSYC3310  Psychology: Specialist Research Topics
SSEH2270  Psychosocial Aspects of Sport, Exercise and Health
POLS5503  Public Administration
MICR5836  Public and Environmental Health Microbiology
COMM4104  Public Communication
ECON5519  Public Economics
ECON4405  Public Economics
ECON5517  Public Finance
PUBH5758  Public Health Practicum
PUBH5701  Public Health Project (full-time)
PUBH5703  Public Health Project (part-time)
LAWS3354  Public International Law
LAWS5165  Public International Law
LAWS5214  Public Policy
ENRL8551  Public Policy Analysis and Design 500 [308351 Curtin]
ENRL8554  Public Sector Communications 500 [310076 Curtin]
POLS5504  Public Sector Leadership in Practice
ARCT5584  Publications

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