Part 1—Preliminary
1. Title

These rules are the Diploma Rules.

2. Terms used

In these rules—

course means a plan of study, approved by the Academic Board, that a student must successfully undertake before qualifying for a diploma;

diploma means an award that results from the completion of a single major comprising units at Levels 1, 2 and 3 as distinct from a graduate diploma which consists of units above Level 3;

normally, in relation to a statement made in these rules, means the statement applies subject to one or more exceptions approved by the Academic Board;

undergraduate degree course means an undergraduate pass degree course or the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) degree course;

unit means a discrete element in a course that normally represents six credit points;

the University means The University of Western Australia.

Part 2—Admission
3. Admission

To be considered for admission to a diploma course a person must have a bachelor's degree of the University, or equivalent as recognised by the relevant board.

4. Course requirements

(1) Subject to (2), a diploma course normally consists of eight units comprising a single major offered in an undergraduate degree course of the University, excluding any complementary units.

(2) Students are permitted to include additional units to satisfy prerequisites and/or co-requisites.

(3) A single major consists of eight units from the same disciplinary field.

(4) The eight units of a single major are made up of—

(a) in most cases:

(i) two Level 1 units; and

(ii) two Level 2 units; and

(iii) four Level 3 units;


(b) in exceptional cases:

(i) two Level 1 units; and

(ii) three Level 2 units; and

(iii) three Level 3 units;

5. Credit

Credit is not granted towards the course on the basis of units successfully undertaken as part of a previously completed award.

6. Academic Conduct Essentials modules

(1) Except as stated in (2), a student who enrols in a course of the University for the first time irrespective of whether they have previously been enrolled in another course of the University, must undertake the Academic Conduct Essentials module (the ACE module) in the teaching period in which they are first enrolled.

(2) A student who has previously achieved a result of Ungraded Pass (UP) for the ACE module is not required to repeat the module.

7. Satisfactory progress

(1) Subject to (2), to make satisfactory progress in a calendar year a student must pass units to a value of at least half the total value of units in which they remain enrolled after the final date for withdrawal without academic penalty.

(2) A student who has not achieved a result of Ungraded Pass (UP) in the ACE module when their progress status is assessed will not have made satisfactory progress.

(3) A student who fails a unit twice is not permitted to enrol again in that unit unless the relevant board approves otherwise.

8. Progress status

(1) A student who makes satisfactory progress is assigned the status of 'Good Standing'.

(2) Unless the relevant board determines otherwise in recognition of exceptional circumstances—

(a) a student who does not make satisfactory progress for the first time under Rule 7(1) is assigned a progress status of 'Suspended';

(b) a student who does not make satisfactory progress for the second time under Rule 7(1) is assigned a progress status of 'Excluded';

(c) a student who does not make satisfactory progress under Rule 7(2) is assigned a progress status of 'On Probation' unless they have been assigned a progress status of 'Suspended' or 'Excluded' for failure to make satisfactory progress under Rule 7(1).