Note: This course is not available in 2024.

Course overview


The Graduate Certificate in Understanding the Environment responds to the increased need of a science-based cognate background of the general principles, processes and facts in environmental science. Environmental science specifically studies the human influence on the environment and develops scientific, risk based solutions. Developing new business opportunities in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way is at the core of modern societies. Additionally, the need for rules and regulations which ensure opportunities in novel environmental business sectors as well as control of certain environmental standards are in high demand.

The aim of this course is to educate students on the great environmental challenges of our age by providing a general cognate background on key factors such as the water cycle, carbon cycle, land use patterns and changes, pollutant and nutrient pathways, global change problems as well as identifying the key differences between urban, agricultural, mining and natural environments. Western Australia is a state where changes in land use via agricultural and mining together with growing urban spaces put enormous pressure on the natural ecosystems. This human development takes place in a global biodiversity hotspot and UWA is a key institution to critically study both, the challenges but also the new opportunities within this setting.

This course prepares students for effective engagement with environmental organisations, agricultural and mineral industries, communities and policy, lawmakers and education.

Please note that due to unit availability, this course is only available for students commencing in Semester One.

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Undergraduate certificate course
Not available in 2024
Intake periods
Beginning of year only
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Minimum ATAR Threshold is . The ATAR Subject Prerequisites are
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Agriculture and Environment

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24 points comprising 4 six-point units. Students take four units in the semester.
Available to international students
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Part-time only
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UWA (Perth)
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Commonwealth supported and/or HECS-HELP
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Note: This course is not available in 2024.


1. These rules are the Understanding the Environment Course Rules.

Terms Used

2. The Glossary provides an explanation of the terms used in these rules.

Applicability of the Student Rules, policies and procedures

3.(1) The Student Rules apply to students in this course.

(2) The policy, policy statements and guidance documents and student procedures apply, except as otherwise indicated in the rules for this course.

Academic Conduct Essentials, Communication and Research Skills And Indigenous Studies Essentials module

4.(1) Except as stated in (2), a student who enrols in an undergraduate degree course of the University for the first time irrespective of whether they have previously been enrolled in another course of the University, must undertake the Academic Conduct Essentials module (the ACE module), Communication and Research Skills (the CARS module) and Indigenous Studies Essentials (the ISE module) in the teaching period in which they are first enrolled.

(2) A student must successfully complete the ACE module within the first teaching period of their enrolment. Failure to complete the module within this timeframe will result in the student's unit results from this teaching period being withheld. These results will continue to be withheld until students avail themselves of a subsequent opportunity to achieve a passing grade in the ACE module. In the event that students complete units in subsequent teaching periods without completing the ACE module, these results will similarly be withheld. Students will not be permitted to submit late review or appeal applications regarding results which have been withheld for this reason and which they were unable to access in the normally permitted review period.

(3) A student who has previously achieved a result of Ungraded Pass (UP) for the CARS module or the ISE module is not required to repeat the relevant module.

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12. Applicants are not permitted to defer admission to this course and are expected to commence their course in the offered intake only. Applicants seeking admission to an alternative intake must submit a new application for that intake.