Global Business [not available in 2020] major

In the Global Business major, students will learn to identify the key external and internal factors that influence the management of global organisations, and demonstrate how major management functions and skills vary as a result of managing organisations globally. Students will be able to recognise why and how ethics and corporate social responsibility vary when managing organisations globally as well as identify the key contextual issues affecting the formulation and implementation of a global business venture, and articulate appropriate responses to specific global business issues. Students will demonstrate an understanding of how personal and cultural values are related and differ within and across countries, and evaluate how people and their consumption are shaped by their environment and personal experiences and communicate and work with people from diverse cultures;


Students are able to (1) Evaluate key concepts, theories and practices important to the management of multinational organisations; (2) Identify possible solutions for the unique challenges that stem from operating in different global contexts simultaneously; (3) Demonstrate an understanding of cross-country diversity with respect to cultural, economic, legal and political characteristics; (4) Demonstrate an understanding of how managing employees varies as a result of different cultural backgrounds; and (5) Explain how principles of ethical behaviour and social responsibility differ and are applied across different cultural contexts.

Second major

Global Business [not available in 2020] can be taken as a second major in the following degree courses:

Overview of unit sequence

The Global Business [not available in 2020] second major is a single major comprising:

  • two Level 1 units
  • two Level 2 units
  • four Level 3 units
Key to availability of units:
S1 = Semester 1; S2 = Semester 2; N/A = not available in 2020

Note: Units that are indicated as N/A may be available in 2021 or 2022.

Level 1

Second major units
Take all units (12 points):
Availability Unit code Unit name unit requirements
N/A BUSN1103 Foundations of Global Business
S1, S2 MGMT1136 Management and Organisations
MGMT2236 Management and Organisations

Level 2

Second major units
Take all units (12 points):
Availability Unit code Unit name unit requirements
S2 ECON2105 Rise of the Global Economy
ECON1101 Microeconomics: Prices and Markets
ECON1105 Rise of the Global Economy
S1 MGMT2341 International Management
MGMT1135 Organisational Behaviour;
MGMT1136 Management and Organisations;
for pre-2012 courses: none
MGMT3341 International Management

Level 3

Second major units
Take all units (24 points):
Availability Unit code Unit name unit requirements
S1 EMPL3301 Globalisation and Work
Completion of all first year core units in any course.
S2 MGMT3304 Applied International Business Strategy
MGMT2341 International Management, and one Level 2 unit in the Management major
S2 MGMT3308 Supply Chain Management
any two Level 2 units in the Management major
MKTG3308 Supply Chain Management
S2 MKTG3312 Consumers Around the World
Any level 2 Marketing unit
MKTG1107 Consumers Around the World; MKTG3310 International Marketing

Choosing a second major

The flexible structure of an undergraduate course allows you the option of including a second major. You have the choice to either nominate your second major when you first enrol in the course or delay it until your second year. For a major to be recorded on your academic record it must be nominated before the requirements of the course are completed.

To fully understand the structure of an undergraduate course read the course structure information and the Undergraduate Degree Course Rules.

The following example illustrates how Global Business [not available in 2020] can be included as second major in the course.

For more examples of combinations of majors, search the study plans .