Students who commenced their course before 2012 should consult the rules below.

Note: This course is only available to re-enrolling students. Re-enrolling students should contact the ALVA Student Office via askUWA for a revised study plan in line with the University Policy on: Courses: Transition Arrangements (Undergraduate).

Applicability of the Student Rules, policies and procedures The Student Rules apply to students in this course.

(2) The policy, policy statements and guidance documents and student procedures apply, except as otherwise indicated in the rules for this course.

Admission To be considered for admission to this course an applicant must have the Bachelor of Fine Arts pass degree of this University with an average of at least 65 per cent over the Level 2 and 3 units to the value of 72 points in which the student has gained their highest marks, or equivalent as recognised by the Faculty.

Course structure The course consists of units to a total value of 48 points comprising all units in Table 2.2.6a (Bachelor of Fine Arts honours degree core units).

Submission date Unless the Faculty permits otherwise, VISA7480 Honours Project 2 must be submitted by the last day of the last teaching week of the semester in which it is to be completed.

Examination of dissertation and exhibition The Faculty must appoint two examiners for each dissertation and two examiners for each exhibition, who provide written reports.