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AvailabilityUnit codeUnit name
S1ANTH1001Being Human: Culture, Identity and Society
S2ANTH1002Global Change, Local Responses
S2ARCT1010Drawing History
S1ARCY1001Think Like an Archaeologist
S2ARCY1002Experimenting with Archaeology
S1, NSASIA1001Asian Societies and Cultures
S2ASIA1002Asia from Colonial to Modern
S1CHIN1401Chinese 1
S2CHIN1402Chinese 2
S1CHIN1403Chinese 3
S2CHIN1404Chinese 4
S1CHIN1001Chinese 3A
S1CHIN1405Chinese 5
S2CHIN1406Chinese 6
S1, S2CITS1001Software Engineering with Java
S1, S2CITS1401Computational Thinking with Python
S2CLAN1001Myths of the Greeks and Romans: Story, History and Reinvention
S1CLAN1002Glory and Grandeur
S2CLAN1101Latin 1
COMM1901Communication in Practice
S1EART1105Dynamic Planet
S1, S2ECON1101Microeconomics: Prices and Markets
S1, S2ECON1102Macroeconomics: Money and Finance
ECON1141Australian Economic History
S1EMPL1101Introduction to Employment Relations
EMPL1102Australian Employment Relations
S2ENGL1000Global Literatures
ENGL1001Journeys: Texts Across Place and Time 1
S1ENGL1002Literary Classics
S1ENGL1401Narrative in the Digital Age
S2ENGL1501Reading Creatively/Writing Creatively
S1ENGL1902Reading Bodies
EURO1101Contemporary European Culture in Historical Perspective
S1, S2FREN1401French Studies 1
S2, SSFREN1402French Studies 2
S1FREN1403French Studies 3
S2FREN1404French Studies 4
S1FREN1405French Studies 5
S2FREN1406French Studies 6
FREN1001Specialist French Studies 3A 1
S1GEND1901Beyond 'Gender Wars'
GEOG1101Geographies of Global Cities
GEOG1102Globalisation, Environment and Development
S1, S2GRMN1401German Beginners 1
S2GRMN1402German Beginners 2
S1GRMN1403German Studies 3
GRMN1002German Studies 3B
S2GRMN1404German Studies 4
S1GRMN1405German Studies 5
S2GRMN1406German Studies 6
S1HART1000Great Moments in Art
HART1001Art, Technology and Society
S2HIST1001Clash of Empires
HIST1002An Age of Violence: the Making of the Modern World, 1789–2010
S2HIST1901Environmental History
S1INDO1001Indonesian 3A
S1INDO1401Indonesian 1
S2INDO1402Indonesian 2
S1INDO1403Indonesian 3
S2INDO1404Indonesian 4
S1INDO1405Indonesian 5
S2INDO1406Indonesian 6
S1, S2ITAL1401Italian Studies 1
S2, SSITAL1402Italian Studies 2
S1ITAL1403Italian Studies 3
S2ITAL1404Italian Studies 4
S1ITAL1405Italian Studies 5
S2ITAL1406Italian Studies 6
S1JAPN1001Japanese 3A
S1JAPN1401Japanese 1
S2, NSJAPN1402Japanese 2
S1JAPN1403Japanese 3
S2JAPN1404Japanese 4
S1JAPN1405Japanese 5
S2JAPN1406Japanese 6
S1KORE1401Korean 1
S2KORE1402Korean 2
S1LING1001Language and Communication
S2LING1002Language as a Cognitive System
N/ALING1901Language Learning and the Multilingual World
MATH1001Mathematical Methods 1
MATH1002Mathematical Methods 2
MATH1035Calculus and Matrices 1
MATH1038Calculus and its Applications 1
MATH1045Intermediate Calculus 1
MATH1050Introductory Calculus 1
S2MUSC1350Popular Music in Global Perspective
S1PHIL1001Ethics for the Digital Age: An Introduction to Moral Philosophy
S1, SSPHIL1002Introduction to Critical Thinking
S2PHIL1003God, Mind and Knowledge
S1POLS1101Understanding Politics and Policy
S2POLS1102Understanding Global Politics
S1PSYC1101Psychology: Mind and Brain
S2PSYC1102Psychology: Behaviour in Context
S1, S2STAT1400Statistics for Science
VISA1054Art of Drawing

1 This unit is no longer available.