Students who commenced their course before 2012 should consult the rules below.

  • Pre-2012 rules
    • 3. Arts Rules
      • Arts Rules for undergraduate courses
        • 3.2 Bachelor's degrees
          • 3.2.2 Bachelor of Arts pass degree (10110)*
            • Table 3.2.2a—Bachelor of Arts options
              • Level 2
                AvailabilityUnit codeUnit name
                S1ANTH2001Social Thought
                N/AANTH2401Constructing Cultures Through Media
                N/AANTH2402Religion in Society
                ANTH2403Social Meaning of Money 1
                ANTH2404Social Inequality 1
                S2ANTH2405Sex, Gender and Social Life
                S2ANTH2406Society, Law and Politics
                N/AANTH2407Australian Society
                ANTH2408Psychological Anthropology 1
                ANTH2501Healing, Medicine and Culture 1
                ANTH2601Indigenous Australia 1
                ANTH2702Environment, Power and Disasters in Asia
                S1ANTH2801Migrants, Refugees and Travellers: Mobility and Immobility in Transnational Lives
                N/AANTH2901Religion and Globalisation
                N/AANTH2902Aboriginal Art and Society
                S2ARCY2001Think Like a Neanderthal: The Archaeology of Human Origins
                ARCY2002Archaeology of Colonisation and Contact
                ARCY2003Historical Archaeology
                S1ARCY2004Archaeology of Rock Art
                NSARCY2005Doing Archaeology: Rock Art Fieldschool
                NSASIA2001Culture, Society and the State in Asia
                S2ASIA2002Australia and Asia
                S1ASIA2004Popular Culture in Asia
                AUST2901Australia: Myths and Realities
                S1CHIN2001Chinese 3A
                S1CHIN2403Chinese 3
                S2CHIN2404Chinese 4
                S1CHIN2405Chinese 5
                S2CHIN2406Chinese 6
                S1CHIN2407Chinese 7
                S2CHIN2408Chinese 8
                N/ACHIN2801China Field Study
                CHIN2802Chinese Language and Culture Immersion Program (Taiwan)
                CHIN2803Chinese In-country 1 (24 points)
                S1CLAN2001The Golden Age of Athens
                S2CLAN2002Power and Politics in the Roman Empire: 44 BC-AD 68
                S1CLAN2102Latin 2
                S2CLAN2103Latin 3
                S1CLAN2201Greek 1
                S2CLAN2202Greek 2
                EART2222Geomorphology and Soils
                ECON2203Asia in the World Economy1
                ECON2210Monetary Economics1
                S1ECON2233Microeconomics: Policy and Applications
                S2ECON2234Macroeconomics: Policy and Applications
                ECON2235International Trade1
                ECON2236International Finance1
                S2ECON2245Business Economics
                S1ECON2271Introductory Econometrics
                S2ECON2272Intermediate Mathematics for Economists
                EMPL2201Foundations of Employment Relations 1
                S2EMPL2202Australian Employment Relations
                EMPL2203Work, Power and Society1
                EMPL2206Social Psychology of Work
                EMPL2208Managing Diversity1
                EMPL2241International Employment Relations1
                EMPL2270Negotiation: Theory and Practice1
                S1ENGL2401Netflicks: Cinema and Long-form Television
                S1ENGL2501Creative Writing: Theory and Practice
                ENGL2502World Theatre: Cultures and Contexts
                ENGL2601Narrative and Culture in Pre-modern England
                ENGL2602Shakespeare and Early Modern Studies
                S1ENGL2604Romanticism and Revolution
                ENGL2605Twentieth-century Narratives: Making it New
                ENGL2701Australia and Home
                ENGL2702Australian Literature: Classic and Popular
                ENGL2703American Literature: the Search for Justice
                ENGL2704Transcultural Literatures
                ENGL2801Reading Popular Culture
                S1ENVT2220The Climate System
                S2ENVT2251Hydrology and Water Resource Management
                EURO2209Utopia, Imagination and Modernity in European Culture
                EURO2201Civilisation and Barbarism in European Cultural History
                S1FREN2001Twentieth- and Twenty-first Century French Intellectual Thought
                S1FREN2403French Studies 3
                S2FREN2404French Studies 4
                S1FREN2405French Studies 5
                S2FREN2406French Studies 6
                S1FREN2407French Studies 7
                S2FREN2408French Studies 8
                S2FREN2812French Cinema
                GEND2901Sex, Bodies and Spaces
                S2GEND2902Masculinity, Nostalgia and Change
                S1, S2GEOG2201Geographic Information Systems
                S1GEOG2205Geographies of Economic Development
                S2GEOG2206Population Geography and Planning
                S1GRMN2403German Studies 3
                S1GRMN2002German Studies 3B
                S2GRMN2404German Studies 4
                S1GRMN2405German Studies 5
                S2GRMN2406German Studies 6
                N/AGRMN2407German Studies 7
                N/AGRMN2408German Studies 8
                S1GRMN2812German Studies 12
                N/AHART2207Caravaggio and the Baroque
                N/AHART2234Film Noir to the New Wave
                N/AHART2243Imagist Avant-Garde Film
                HART2266Aboriginal Contemporary Art
                HIST2001Restaging the Past: Cinema and the Practice of History
                HIST2002The Rise and Fall of European Fascism
                HIST2003Crises and Controversies in Australian History
                HIST2004Europe: Crusades to Black Death
                S2HIST2005Hitler, the Holocaust and the Historians
                S2HIST2006Imperial America—1845 to Present
                N/AHIST2007Thinking History: The Future of the Past
                N/AHIST2008White Supremacy
                HIST2009Revolutionary China 1
                HIST2010Australia in the Sixties 1
                S1HIST2011From 'Glorious Revolution' to Industrial Revolution: Making Britain, 1688–1888
                HIST2012Renaissance, Reformation, Revolt: Europe 1450–1650
                N/AHIST2013Medieval and Early Modern Women
                S1HRMT2237Human Resource Management
                HUMA2901Arts Practicum
                IMED2207Plagues, Pox and Pandemics: the History of Death and Disease1
                S1INDO2001Indonesian 3A
                S1INDO2403Indonesian 3
                S2INDO2404Indonesian 4
                S1INDO2405Indonesian 5
                S2INDO2406Indonesian 6
                S1INDO2407Indonesian 7
                S2INDO2408Indonesian 8
                N/AINDO2802Indonesian Field Study
                S1ITAL2403Italian Studies 3
                S2ITAL2404Italian Studies 4
                S1ITAL2405Italian Studies 5
                S2ITAL2406Italian Studies 6
                S1ITAL2407Italian Studies 7
                S2ITAL2408Italian Studies 8
                S1ITAL2811Italian Culture in Word and Image: from the Middle Ages to the Risorgimento
                S2ITAL2812The Shape of Italian: Communicating Between Worlds
                S1JAPN2001Japanese 3A
                S1JAPN2403Japanese 3
                S2, NSJAPN2404Japanese 4
                S1JAPN2405Japanese 5
                S2JAPN2406Japanese 6
                S1JAPN2407Japanese 7
                S2JAPN2408Japanese 8
                KORE2401Korean 3
                KORE2402Korean 4
                LACH2220Landscape in Australia1
                S1LING2001Morphosyntax of the World's Languages
                S1LING2002The Sounds of the World's Languages
                LING2003Language, Culture and Society
                S1MATH2021Introduction to Applied Mathematics
                S1MATH2031Introduction to Pure Mathematics
                S1MATH2501Advanced Mathematical Methods
                MEMS2001Classical Traditions and Transformations in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
                MEMS2002World Views: Religion, Gender and Society in Pre-modern Europe 1
                MUSC2331Western Art Music 1 (Renaissance and Baroque)
                MUSC2332Western Art Music 2 (Classical and Romantic)
                S1PHIL2002Logic: How to Defeat Your Foes with Reasoning
                N/APHIL2003Philosophy of Religion
                N/APHIL2004Philosophy of Mind
                N/APHIL2005Exploring the Nature of Science
                S2PHIL2006Philosophy of Psychology and Psychiatry
                PLNG2203Environmental Policy and Planning
                S1POLS2201Foundations of Public Policy
                S2POLS2202Foundations of Comparative Politics
                POLS2207The Evolution of International Order
                POLS2211History of Political Ideas
                S1POLS2214Foundations of Foreign Policy
                POLS2216Politics in the USA
                S2POLS2220Foundations of Global Political Economy
                POLS2231Politics of the Mass Media
                POLS2232Global Governance
                POLS2233International Relations in East Asia
                S1PSYC2203Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Psychology
                N/APSYC2208Psychology: Atypical Development
                N/APSYC2209Industrial and Organisational Psychology
                S2PSYC2212Psychology and Social Behaviour
                S2PSYC2213Psychology: Lifespan Development
                N/APSYC2214Adult Psychopathology
                N/APSYC2215Cognitive Psychology
                S1PSYC2217Cognitive Neuroscience
                N/APSYC2218Perception and Sensory Neuropsychology
                N/ASOCS2901Mining the Landscape
                STAT2061 Probability and Mathematical Statistics 1
                S1STAT2401Analysis of Experiments
                S2STAT2402Analysis of Observations
                VISA2204Art and Ecology in Digital Culture 1
                VISA2211The Big Picture: Recurring Themes in Western Art and Architecture 1
                VISA2213Art: Special Studies
                VISA2216Art, Place and Identity 1
                VISA2217Art after Theory 1
                VISA2232Art of Drawing 2
                VISA2237Nineteenth-century British Art
                VISA2244Art of Sculpture
                VISA2246Video Art
                VISA2248American Visual Culture
                VISA2250The Body in Art 1
                VISA2251Art in the Environment
                VISA2252Art, Alchemy and Shamanism 1
                VISA2267Perth Visual Culture: Internationalism and Modernisation 1870–1930 1
                VISA2269Studies in the Renaissance: Italian Art History and Theory of the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries 1

                1 This unit is no longer available.

                2 Crawley only.

                3 Albany only.

                4 Hong Kong only.