Students who commenced their course before 2012 should consult the rules below.

AvailabilityUnit codeUnit name
S1ANTH3001Ethnography: Methodological Perspectives
N/AANTH3401Engaged Anthropology
N/AANTH3402Contemporary Social Thought
ANTH3403Business Anthropology 1
S2ANTH3501Mind, Body, Culture
S1ANTH3601Indigenous Australia
ANTH3701Environment, Landscape and Place
ANTH3801Migration, Mobilities, Belonging
ARCY3001Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Europe 1
S1ARCY3002Doing Archaeology: Fieldschool
S2ARCY3003Doing Archaeology: Analytical Skills
ARCY3004Heritage Archaeology 1
ARCY3005Archaeology of Indigenous Australia
ARCY3006Neolithic and Bronze Age Europe 1
S1, NSASIA3001Indonesian Politics and Culture
S2, NSASIA3002Issues in Japanese Society and Culture
S1, NSASIA3003Social Issues in Contemporary China
S2, NSASIA3005Democratisation in Asia
N/AASIA3004Gender and Power in Asia
S1CHIN3405Chinese 5
S2CHIN3406Chinese 6
S1CHIN3407Chinese 7
S2CHIN3408Chinese 8
S1CHIN3409Chinese 9: Understanding the Chinese State
S2CHIN3410Chinese 10: Understanding Chinese Society
CHIN3804Chinese In-country 1 (24 points)
CLAN3001Ancient Epic
N/ACLAN3002The Emergence of Greece
CLAN3003Greek Theatre
S1CLAN3004Alexander the Great
CLAN3005Roman Archaeology
N/ACLAN3006The Roman Revolution
CLAN3007The Majesty of the Roman Empire
N/ACLAN3008Roman Britain
S1CLAN3104Latin 4
S1CLAN3203Greek 3
S2CLAN3204Greek 4
S1ECON3302Applied Microeconomics
S2ECON3303Applied Macroeconomics
S1ECON3310History of Economic Ideas
S2ECON3350Money, Banking and Financial Markets
ECON3372Advanced Mathematics for Economists
S2ENGL3001Poetry and Poetics
ENGL3003The Arthurian Legend
ENGL3401Transnational Cinema
ENGL3501Autobiographical Writing
N/AENGL3502Making Theatre and Performance
N/AENGL3601Reading the Middle Ages
S1ENGL3602Shakespeare: Page, Stage, Screen
ENGL3603Love and Death in the Renaissance: Reading the Early Modern Period 1450–1700
S1ENGL3604Victorian Dreams and the Technological World
ENGL3701Regionalism in Australian Literature
ENGL3704Texting the Global
S1ENGL3801Advanced Literary Theory
EURO3301The European Individual
EURO3302Imagining the Nation in European Cultural History
S1FREN3405French Studies 5
S2FREN3406French Studies 6
S1FREN3407French Studies 7
S2FREN3408French Studies 8
S1FREN3409French Studies 9
S1FREN3813French Exceptionalism and Contemporary France
S2FREN3814Contemporary Literature in French
S2GEND3901Feminist Thought
S1GEOG3302Local Places, Global Contexts
N/AGEOG3304Environmental Change
S1GEOG3305Urban Planning and Design
S2GEOG3306Regional Development and Planning
GEOG3307Coastal Environments
S1GRMN3405German Studies 5
S2GRMN3406German Studies 6
S1GRMN3407German Studies 7
S2GRMN3408German Studies 8
N/AGRMN3409German Studies 9
N/AGRMN3410German Studies 10
S1GRMN3813German Studies 13
HART3300Australian Art
N/AHART3310Art and Games: from Dada to Data
S2HART3330Art Theory
N/AHART3340Materialist Avant-Garde Film
N/AHART3375Twenty-first Century Art
S2HIST3001History in 4D
HIST3002Russia and the Soviet Union in the Twentieth Century
HIST3003Western Australia: History and Heritage
N/AHIST3004Twentieth-century Britain
S2HIST3005African American History: Freedom Struggles from Plantation to Prison and Beyond
HIST3006Contested Pasts, Contentious Future 1
S1HIST3007Crime and Punishment in Britain 1600–1900
N/AHIST3008From Sudan to Saddam: Australia's Foreign Wars
HIST3009Mythistory: Science Fiction, Fantasy and the Historical Imagination
N/AHIST3010Introduction to African History
S1HIST3011Vikings, Crusaders, and Mongols: Medieval Europe in Conflict
S2HIST3012Rights, Rule and Power: From Magna Carta to the French Revolution
HUMA3901Arts Internship (12 points)
S1INDO3405Indonesian 5
S2INDO3406Indonesian 6
S1INDO3407Indonesian 7
S2INDO3408Indonesian 8
INDO3801Indonesian In-country 5 (24 points) 1
N/AINDO3802Indonesian In-country 6
S1ITAL3405Italian Studies 5
S2ITAL3406Italian Studies 6
S1ITAL3407Italian Studies 7
S2ITAL3408Italian Studies 8
S1ITAL3409Italian Studies 9
S2ITAL3410Italian Studies 10
ITAL3813Italian and Migration
ITAL3814Sociolinguistics of Contemporary Italy
S1JAPN3405Japanese 5
S2JAPN3406Japanese 6
S1JAPN3407Japanese 7
S2JAPN3408Japanese 8
LACH3320Landscape Theory: Culture of Nature 1
LING3001Morphology: the Structure of Words
LING3002Linguistic Typology: the Diversity of Languages
S1LING3003Historical Linguistics: Language History and Language Change
LING3004Pragmatics: Meaning in Use
N/ALING3005Semantics: Meaning in Language
S2LING3006Topics in Linguistic Theory
S2LING3007Linguistics of Australian Indigenous Languages
MATH33003PO: Introduction to Geometric Topology 1
MATH33213OR: Operations Research 1
MATH33223A2: Numerical Analysis and Numerical Computing 1
MATH33243A4: Control Theory 1
MATH33253A5: Continuum Mechanics and Industrial Modelling 1
MATH33273A7: Chaos and Dynamical Systems 1
MATH33293A9: Advanced Topics in Applied Mathematics
MATH33333P3: Linear Analysis 1
MATH33343CC: Codes and Ciphers 1
MATH33353P5: Groups and Symmetry 1
MATH33393P9: Advanced Topics in Pure Mathematics
MATH33413M1: Mathematical Methods 1
MATH33423M2: Complex Variable Methods 1
MATH33703ALG: Rings, Fields and Matrix Algebras 1
MEMS3001Language and Power: Latin in Medieval and Early Modern Europe 1
MEMS3002Parchment, Print and Paint: Analysing Sources of Pre-modern Europe 1
MUSC3332Drama through Music: Studies in Opera
MUSC3333Music, Aesthetics and Criticism 1
N/AMUSC3334Soundscapes of Australia
MUSC3351Gongs, Punks and Shadow Plays
MUSC3352Music, Identity and Place
S1MUSC3353Music in the Community
MUSC3354Music, Mind and Medicine
S2PHIL3001Metaphysics: a User's Guide to Time Travel
S2PHIL3003Moral Theory
N/APHIL3004Meaning, Truth and Language
N/APHIL3005Continental Philosophy: The Origin and Influence of Phenomenology
S1PHIL3006Philosophy East and West
S1PHIL3007Advanced Logic
PLNG3301Geographical and Planning Methods
N/APOLS3308Politics in Greater China
POLS3313Australian Foreign Policy
POLS3315Social Choice and Game Theory 1
POLS3317Politics of New Europe
POLS3323Elections, Mass Media and Politics
N/APOLS3324Islam and World Politics
POLS3326Political Science Internship
POLS3327Contemporary Political Theory
S2POLS3342Global Environmental Politics
POLS3343The Politics of Representation: Australia in Comparative Perspective
S1POLS3302South Asia and the Middle East: Foreign Relations and Politics
S1PSYC3301Intermediate Quantitative Methods in Psychology
S2PSYC3302Psychological Measurement and its Application
S1PSYC3303Psychological Science in the Modern World
N/APSYC3308Psychology: Atypical Development
N/APSYC3309Industrial and Organisational Psychology
S2PSYC3310Psychology: Specialist Research Topics
N/APSYC3312Psychology and Social Behaviour
S1PSYC3313Psychology: Lifespan Development
S2PSYC3314Adult Psychopathology
S1PSYC3315Cognitive Psychology
N/APSYC3317Cognitive Neuroscience
S2PSYC3318Perception and Sensory Neuropsychology
STAT33613S1: Random Processes and Their Applications 1
STAT33643S4: Applied Probability in Commerce and Finance 1
STAT33693S9: Advanced Topics in Mathematical Statistics
N/ASTAT3401Advanced Data Analysis
N/ASTAT3402Communication and Problem Solving with Statistics
STAT3404Statistical Significance
VISA3320Art of the Reformation 1
VISA3360Painting into Film: the Reversed Canvas from Velazquez to Antonioni 1
VISA3370Art and Pop 1
VISA3385Cubism and its Diasporas 1
VISA3390The Grand Tour: Visual and Verbal Contrasts from the Age of Enlightenment to the Era of Mass Tourism 1

1 This unit is no longer available.

2 Perth only.

3 Hong Kong only.