Students who commenced their course before 2012 should consult the rules below.

  • Pre-2012 rules
    • 3. Arts Rules
      • Arts Rules for undergraduate courses
        • 3.2 Bachelor's degrees
          • 3.2.10 Bachelor of Letters pass degree (10170) Only available to re-enrolling students.

            Note: This course is only available to re-enrolling students.

            Applicability of the Student Rules, policies and procedures

   The Student Rules apply to students in this course.

            (2) The policy, policy statements and guidance documents and student procedures apply, except as otherwise indicated in the rules for this course.


            Applicability of the Faculty general provisions for bachelor's degrees

   The Faculty general provisions for bachelor's degrees in 3.2.1 apply to the course.


   The admission requirement is the degree of Bachelor of Arts of this University.

            Course structure

   The course comprises Level 2 or 3 units to a total value of 96 points from Table 3.2.2a (Bachelor of Arts options).

            (2) Students must include in their course at least one of the majors set out in Rules to

            (3) Except as set out in (4), or unless the Faculty approves otherwise in exceptional circumstances, students are not permitted to include in the course Level 2 and 3 units in any one subject area to a total value greater than 66 points.

            (4) Students enrolled in a double major in Psychology1 are permitted to include Level 2 and 3 Psychology units to a total value of 72 points.

            (5) Students may, with the approval of the Faculty, substitute Level 1 units up to the value of 24 points from Table 3.2.2a (Bachelor of Arts options) for the Level 2 or 3 units required under (1) of an equivalent value, subject to (6).

            (6) Students are permitted to substitute units under (5) where the units are required for the completion of their first and/or second major(s).

            1 Students completing the single major in Psychology are unable to complete a second major.

            Time limit

   Unless the Faculty permits otherwise in recognition of exceptional circumstances, the overall time limit for the Bachelor of Letters, whether taken on a full-time or part-time basis, is eight years.