Students who commenced their course before 2012 should consult the rules below.

  • Pre-2012 rules
    • 3. Arts Rules
      • Arts Rules for undergraduate courses
        • 3.3 Undergraduate diplomas
          • 3.3.1 Faculty general provisions for undergraduate diplomas
            Undergraduate diplomas with honours

   The admission requirements for the undergraduate diploma with honours courses are—

            (a) the corresponding diploma of this University passed at a sufficiently high level, or equivalent as recognised by the Faculty;


            (b) completion of the prerequisite of the honours course to which admission is sought.

            (2) To be considered for honours candidature applicants must have completed the requirements of the qualifications on the basis of which admission is sought within the previous seven years and be recommended by the head of school concerned.

            Course structure

   A student must fulfil the requirements of a course recommended by the head of school concerned and approved by the Faculty.

            (2) The course has a value of 48 points and includes a dissertation.

            (3) The Faculty may approve joint honours courses which may be arranged by one or more schools.

            Submission and examination of dissertation

   Unless the Faculty permits otherwise, the dissertation must be received by the examiners by a date specified by the school concerned.

            (2) A school must appoint two examiners for each dissertation who, following their examination of the dissertation, each provide a written report to the school.

            (3) A student's supervisor will not normally be an examiner for the dissertation.