Students who commenced their course before 2012 should consult the rules below.

Key to availability of units:
S1 = Semester 1; S2 = Semester 2; SS = Summer teaching period;
T1 = Trimester 1; T2 = Trimester 2; T3 = Trimester 3;
NS = non-standard teaching period; OS = offshore teaching period;
N/A = not available in 2019; * = to be advised

Note: The unit availability does not form part of the rules and may be subject to change; refer to Timetable to latest information.

All units have a value of six points unless otherwise stated.

AvailabilityUnit codeUnit name
ABUS2290Cultural Foundations of Asian Business
S1, S2ACCT2201Corporate Accounting
N/AACCT2242Accounting Information Systems
ACCT3202Advanced Corporate Accounting
S2ACCT3203Contemporary Managerial Accounting
N/AACCT3206Performance Measurement and Evaluation
S2ACCT3302Financial Statement Analysis
S1ACCT3321Financial Accounting: Theory and Practice
S1ACCT3323Strategic Management Accounting
BUSN3348Business Practicum
S2ECON2105Rise of the Global Economy
S1, SSECON2233Microeconomics: Policy and Applications
S2ECON2234Macroeconomics: Policy and Applications
S2ECON2245Business Economics
S1, SSECON2271Introductory Econometrics
N/AECON3210Monetary Economics
S2ECON3235International Trade
S1ECON3236International Finance
ECON3272Intermediate Mathematics for Economists
ECON3203Asia in the World Economy
ECON3204Finance and Economics for Minerals and Energy
S1ECON3300Agricultural Economics and Marketing
S1ECON3302Applied Microeconomics
S2ECON3303Applied Macroeconomics
S1ECON3310History of Economic Ideas
S2ECON3350Money, Banking and Financial Markets
ECON3372Advanced Mathematics for Economists
S1FINA2204Derivative Products and Markets
S1FINA2205Quantitative Methods for Finance
S1FINA2207Business Analysis and Valuation
S2FINA2209Financial Planning
FINA2221Introduction to Finance
S1, S2FINA2222Corporate Financial Policy
S1FINA3304Banking: Theory and Practice
N/AFINA3306Derivative Strategies and Pricing
S2FINA3307Trading in Securities Markets
S1FINA3324Investment Analysis
S2FINA3326Applied Financial Management
S1, SSHRMT2237Human Resource Management
S1HRMT3344Staffing Organisations
S2HRMT3345Managing Jobs, Performance and Wellbeing
S2INMT2232Project Management
EMPL2201Foundations of Employment Relations
S2EMPL2202Australian Employment Relations
EMPL2203Work, Power and Society 1
EMPL2206Social Psychology of Work
S2EMPL3208Managing Diversity
S2EMPL3241International Employment Relations
S1EMPL3270Negotiation: Theory and Practice
S1LAWS2201Legal Framework of Business
S2LAWS2301Company Law
LAWS2309Work and the Law
LAWS3306Finance Law
S2LAWS3308Business Law in Practice
S1LAWS3328International Commercial Law
MGMT2235Organisational Behaviour
MGMT2236Management and Organisations
S2MGMT2311Organisational Learning and Innovation
S1MGMT2341International Management
S2MGMT3308Supply Chain Management
S1MGMT3346Managing Organisational Change
S2MGMT3347Strategic Management
MKTG2203Marketing Management
MKTG2204Consumer Behaviour
S2MKTG2238Advertising and Branding
S2MKTG2301Small Business Management
S2MKTG3303New Product Development
MKTG3305Marketing Research 1
S2MKTG3306Strategic Marketing
S1MKTG3307Digital Marketing
MKTG3310International Marketing
S2MKTG3311Experiential Marketing

1 This unit is no longer available.