Students who commenced their course before 2012 should consult the rules below.

Applicability of the Student Rules, policies and procedures The Student Rules apply to students in this course.

(2) The policy, policy statements and guidance documents and student procedures apply, except as otherwise indicated in the rules for this course.

Admission The admission requirements are a bachelor’s degree of this University passed within the previous five years at a sufficiently high level as determined by the Faculty and including one of the majors set out in Rules to; or equivalent as recognised by the Faculty.

Course structure The course consists of units to the value of 48 points comprising the Economics honours specialisation set out in Rule

Substitution The Faculty may permit or require a student to substitute for units in the honours specialisation, up to a value of 12 points, two other honours-level units of the same value, one of which may be a unit offered by another faculty.

[Approved exception to University Policy]

Satisfactory progress To make satisfactory progress in the course students must pass all units in which they are enrolled after the final date for withdrawal without academic penalty.

[Approved exception to University Policy]

Progress status The Faculty, on the recommendation of the Board of Examiners, may assign a progress status of ‘Excluded’ to a student who has failed to make satisfactory progress. Rescinded Rescinded

Honours specialisation
Economics Honours (Economics) specialisation (MJ-ECONS) The Economics Honours (Economics) specialisation comprises—

(a) all units in Table 4.2.3a [Economics Honours (Economics) specialisation core units]—24 points


(b) units to the value of 24 points from Table 4.2.3b [Economics Honours (Economics) specialisation options].