Students who commenced their course before 2012 should consult the rules below.

Note: This program is only available to re-enrolling students.

6.2.2K.1(1) The Mining Engineering program comprises—

(a) all units in Table 6.2.2Ka (Mining Engineering core units)—114 points


(b) subject to (2), units to make up the remaining points required for the course from Groups A and B in Table 6.2.2Kb (Mining Engineering options) provided that no more than 12 points come from Group B.

(2) A student who has not completed one of CITS1001 Object-oriented Programming and Software Engineering (replacing CITS1200 Java Programming), CITS2002 Programming and Systems (replacing CITS1002 Programming and Systems or CITS1210 C Programming) or CITS2401 Computer Analysis and Visualisation (replacing CITS1005 Computing for Engineers and Scientists or GENG2140 Modelling and Computer Analysis for Engineers) as part of their foundation units must include one of those units in the units chosen under (1)(b).