Students who commenced their course before 2012 should consult the rules below.

Key to availability of units:
S1 = Semester 1; S2 = Semester 2; SS = Summer teaching period;
T1 = Trimester 1; T2 = Trimester 2; T3 = Trimester 3;
NS = non-standard teaching period; OS = offshore teaching period;
N/A = not available in 2019; * = to be advised

Note: The unit availability does not form part of the rules and may be subject to change.

All units have a value of six points unless otherwise stated.

Dissertation 1
AvailabilityUnit codeUnit name
OGEG8521Oil and Gas Engineering Dissertation Part 1 1
OGEG8522Oil and Gas Engineering Dissertation Part 2 1
OGEG8523Oil and Gas Engineering Dissertation Part 3 1
Petroleum Engineering
AvailabilityUnit codeUnit name
N/AOGEG5803Reservoir Engineering
PETR8501Production Optimisation
PETR8504Reservoir Characterisation
PETR8505Reservoir and Well Performance
PETR8522Reservoir Simulation
Chemical and Process Engineering
AvailabilityUnit codeUnit name
S1CHPR4404Advanced Thermodynamics
S2CHPR4406Reaction Engineering
S1CHPR5501Advanced Reaction Engineering and Catalysts
S1CHPR5521Gas Processing 1—Flow Assurance and Gathering
S2CHPR5522Gas Processing 2—Treating and LNG Production
S2ENSC3018Process Synthesis and Design
S2ENSC3019Unit Operations and Unit Processes
S2GENG4405Numerical Methods and Modelling
OGEG5801Introduction to Oil and Gas Engineering
Marine Engineering
AvailabilityUnit codeUnit name
S2CIVL5504Offshore Geomechanics
S2CIVL5505Introduction to Design of Offshore Systems
S1GENG5501Coastal and Offshore Engineering
Asset Engineering
AvailabilityUnit codeUnit name
S1, S2GENG5505Project Management and Engineering Practice
S1, S2GENG5507Risk, Reliability and Safety
N/AGENG5803Investment Management for Field Development
N/AOGEG5810Decision Making and Uncertainty for Oil and Gas Projects
Business and Engineering Asset Management 2
AvailabilityUnit codeUnit name
S1, S2FINA5632Investments
N/AMGMT5665Project Management
Mechanical Engineering
AvailabilityUnit codeUnit name
S2GENG4402Control Engineering
S2GENG5503Modern Control Systems
S1GENG5514Finite Element Method
S1MECH4428Degradation of Materials

1 Only available with permission from the Head of School of Mechanical and Chemical Engineering and with agreement of a prospective supervisor.

2 Only available with permission from the Head of School of Mechanical and Chemical Engineering and the unit coordinator. Course and/or unit prerequisites are applied.

3 Offered by the UWA Business School.