Students who commenced their course before 2012 should consult the rules below.

Note: This course is—on the Crawley Campus—only available to re-enrolling students.

Course structure The Bachelor of Science (50110) course comprises approved units to a minimum total value of 144 points and a maximum total value of 168 points.

(2) Rescinded

(3) The course may be taken by way of—

(a) major(s) as described in Rule;


(b) a program as set out in Rules 9.2.7 to 9.2.7Z.

(4) Unless stated otherwise in the rules for a particular program the total value of Level 1 units which may be counted towards the degree course will not exceed 72 points.

(5) Rescinded

(6) Rescinded

(7) Rescinded

(8) Rescinded

(9) A student must complete CARS1000 Communication and Research Skills unit (0 points) in the first semester of enrolment.

Prerequisites Prerequisites for units are set out under Unit details.

(2) Unless the Faculty approves otherwise, a prerequisite for a unit must be completed within the five years immediately prior to enrolment in the unit.

Units and points values Recognised Bachelor of Science (50110) units and their points values are set out in Table 9.2.2a [Recognised units for the Bachelor of Science (50110)].

Non-standard units and units offered by another faculty Students may, with the approval of the Faculty, include in their course—

(a) one or more special units comprising elements of the units listed in Table 9.2.2a [Recognised units for the Bachelor of Science (50110)];


(b) units not listed in Table 9.2.2a [Recognised units for the Bachelor of Science (50110)] with a total value of not more than 72 points.

Majors Recognised Bachelor of Science (50110) majors are listed in Rule

Credit from a program Students may change from a Bachelor of Science (50110) program to a Bachelor of Science major at any time in their course and may retain credit for units passed. Rescinded Rescinded Rescinded