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Not all units are available each year.
AvailabilityUnit codeUnit name
S1ANHB1101Human Biology I: Becoming Human
S2ANHB1102Human Biology II: Being Human
S1ANTH1001Being Human: Culture, Identity and Society
S2ANTH1002Global Change, Local Responses
S1ARCY1001Think Like an Archaeologist
S2ARCY1002Experimenting with Archaeology
S1BIOL1130Frontiers in Biology
S2BIOL1131Plant and Animal Biology
S1, S2CARS1000Communication and Research Skills
S1, S2CHEM1001Chemistry—Properties and Energetics
S1, S2CHEM1002Chemistry—Structure and Reactivity
S1, S2CHEM1003Introductory Chemistry
S2CHEM1004Biological Chemistry
S1, S2CITS1001Software Engineering with Java
CITS1002Programming and Systems
S1, S2CITS1401Computational Thinking with Python
S2EART1104Discovering Earth
S1EART1105Dynamic Planet
S1, S2ECON1120Environmental Economics 1
GEOG1102Globalisation, Environment and Development
S1LING1001Language and Communication
S2LING1002Language as a Cognitive System
MATH1001Mathematical Methods 1
MATH1002Mathematical Methods 2
MATH1701Introductory Mathematics Foundations
MATH1711Introductory Mathematics Specialist
MATH1712Intermediate Mathematics Specialist
S1, S2PHYS1030Physics Bridging Unit
S1, S2PHYS1001Physics for Scientists and Engineers
S1, S2PHYS1002Modern Physics
S1PHYS1021Applied Physics A
PHYS1022Applied Physics B
S1PSYC1101Psychology: Mind and Brain
S2PSYC1102Psychology: Behaviour in Context
SCIE1103Science, Society and Communication
S1, S2SCIE1104Science, Society and Data Analysis
S2SCIE1106Molecular Biology of the Cell
S1SCIE1121Our Universe
S2SCIE1122Our Solar System
S1SCOM1101Communicating Science
S1SSEH1101The Musculoskeletal System and Movement
S2SSEH1102Applied Anatomy and Athletic Performance
S1, S2, SSSSEH1103Physical Fitness and Health
S1, S2STAT1400Statistics for Science