Students who commenced their course before 2012 should consult the rules below.

Not all units are available each year.

1 Crawley only.

2 Albany only.

3 Hong Kong only.

4 Available even-numbered years.

5 Available odd-numbered years.

AvailabilityUnit codeUnit name
S1ANHB2212Human Structure and Development
N/AANHB2213Human Functional Anatomy
S2ANHB2214Human Organs and Systems
S1ANHB2215Biological Anthropology: Human Adaptation and Variation
S2ANHB2216Human Reproductive Biology
S1ANHB2217Human Neurobiology
S2ANIM2207Animal Form and Function
ANIM2208Animal Ethics and Welfare
S1ANTH2001Social Thought
N/AANTH2401Constructing Cultures Through Media
N/AANTH2402Religion in Society
ANTH2403Social Meaning of Money
ANTH2404Social Inequality
S2ANTH2405Sex, Gender and Social Life
S2ANTH2406Society, Law and Politics
N/AANTH2407Australian Society
ANTH2408Psychological Anthropology
ANTH2501Healing, Medicine and Culture
ANTH2601Indigenous Australia
ANTH2702Environment, Power and Disasters in Asia
S1ANTH2801Migrants, Refugees and Travellers: Mobility and Immobility in Transnational Lives
N/AANTH2901Religion and Globalisation
N/AANTH2902Aboriginal Art and Society
S2ARCY2001Think Like a Neanderthal: The Archaeology of Human Origins
ARCY2002Archaeology of Colonisation and Contact
ARCY2003Historical Archaeology
N/AARCY2004Archaeology of Rock Art
S1, NSASIA2004Popular Culture in Asia
S1BIOC2001Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of the Cell
S2BIOC2002Biochemical Regulation of Cell Function
S1BIOL2261Conservation Biology
S1CHEM2001Core Chemical Concepts and Techniques
S2CHEM2002Physical and Analytical Chemistry
S2CHEM2003Chemical Synthesis
S1CITS2200Data Structures and Algorithms
S2CITS2211Discrete Structures
S1, S2CITS2401Computer Analysis and Visualisation
S1, S2GEOG2201Geographic Information Systems
EART2222Geomorphology and Soils
S1EART2231Earth Materials
NSEART2232Field Geology
S2EART2234Earth Processes
S1ECON2224Environmental Economics 2
S1ENVT2220The Climate System
S2ENVT2221Global Climate Change and Biodiversity
S2ENVT2251Hydrology and Water Resource Management
S2FNSC2200Mysteries of Forensic Science
S2GENE2230Molecular Genetics I
S1GENE2250Principles of Inheritance
S1GEOG2205Geographies of Economic Development
S2GEOG2206Population Geography and Planning
HART2266Aboriginal Contemporary Art
S1LING2001Morphosyntax of the World's Languages
S1LING2002Phonetics and Phonology: the Sounds of the World's Languages
LING2003Language, Culture and Society
S1MATH2021Introduction to Applied Mathematics
S1MATH2031Introduction to Pure Mathematics
S1MATH2501Advanced Mathematical Methods
S1MICR2208Introductory Microbiology
S2MICR2209Introduction to Infectious Diseases and Immunology
S1PATH2210Fundamentals of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
S2PATH2220Introduction to Human Disease
S1PHAR2210Foundations of Pharmacology
S2PHAR2220Human Pharmacology
S1PHIL2005Exploring the Nature of Science
S1PHYL2001Physiology of Human Body Systems
S2PHYL2002Physiology of Cells
S1PHYS2001Quantum Physics and Electromagnetism
S2PHYS2002Many Particle Systems
PLNG2203Environmental Policy and Planning
S2PLNT2201Plants in Action
S2PLNT2204Plant Diversity and Evolution
S1PSYC2203Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Psychology
N/APSYC2208Psychology: Atypical Development
N/APSYC2209Industrial and Organisational Psychology
N/APSYC2212Psychology and Social Behaviour
S1PSYC2213Psychology: Lifespan Development
S2PSYC2214Adult Psychopathology
S1PSYC2215Cognitive Psychology
N/APSYC2217Cognitive Neuroscience
S2PSYC2218Perception and Sensory Neuropsychology
S1SCIE2204Marine Systems
SCIE2218Science Practicum (0 points)
N/ASCOM2205Science Presentations
S1SCOM2208Science Writing
S2SSEH2240Motor Learning and Control
S1SSEH2250Biomechanics in Sport and Exercise
S1SSEH2260Exercise Physiology
S2SSEH2270Psychosocial Aspects of Sport, Exercise and Health
S2SSEH2290Promoting Lifelong Physical Activity
STAT2061Probability and Mathematical Statistics
S1STAT2401Analysis of Experiments
S2STAT2402Analysis of Observations
VISA2214Aesthetic Crossovers of Art and Science 4
VISA2249Art and Life Manipulation 5