Students who commenced their course before 2012 should consult the rules below.

  • Pre-2012 rules
    • 6. Engineering, Computing and Mathematics Rules
      • Engineering, Computing and Mathematics rules for undergraduate courses
        • 6.2 Bachelor's degrees
          • 6.2.2O Petroleum Engineering (EPETE)*
            • Table 6.2.2Oa—Petroleum Engineering core units
              Key to availability of units:
              S1 = Semester 1; S2 = Semester 2; SS = Summer teaching period;
              T1 = Trimester 1; T2 = Trimester 2; T3 = Trimester 3;
              NS = non-standard teaching period; OS = offshore teaching period;
              N/A = not available in 2019; * = to be advised

              Note: The unit availability does not form part of the rules and may be subject to change; refer to Timetable to latest information.

              All units have a value of six points unless otherwise stated.

              Level 1
              AvailabilityUnit codeUnit name
              S1, S2CITS1001Software Engineering with Java
              N/AENSC1002Material Behaviour from Atoms to Bridges
              MINE1160Introduction to Chemical and Resource Engineering 1
              Level 2
              AvailabilityUnit codeUnit name
              S1, S2CITS2401Computer Analysis and Visualisation
              MATH2040Engineering Mathematics 1
              OGEG2500History, Economics and Geopolitics of Oil and Gas 1
              Level 3
              AvailabilityUnit codeUnit name
              EART3352Petroleum Geology 1
              S1ENSC3003Fluid Mechanics
              S1ENSC3004Solid Mechanics
              S2ENSC3005Mass and Energy Balances
              PETR3510Drilling and Completion Engineering 1
              PETR3511Reservoir Engineering 1
              PETR3512Reservoir Characterisation 1
              Level 4
              AvailabilityUnit codeUnit name
              S1MECH4429Applied Engineering Thermodynamics
              OGEG4500Oil and Gas Engineering Project Part 1
              OGEG4501Oil and Gas Engineering Project Part 2
              PETR4510Production Optimisation 1
              PETR4511Reservoir Simulation
              PETR4512Reservoir and Well Performance
              Level 5
              AvailabilityUnit codeUnit name
              S2GENG5504Petroleum Engineering
              S1, S2GENG5505Project Management and Engineering Practice

              1 This unit is no longer offered. Students requiring this unit or its equivalent should refer to the ECM study guides.