Honours in Anthropology and Sociology

Honours in Anthropology and Sociology encourages independent critical thinking and teaches you to investigate social questions empirically. These capacities are critical for making sense of culture, society, everyday life and politics in the contemporary globalised world. You will gain an intercultural understanding through an engagement with cross-cultural analysis and sociocultural difference. There is an emphasis on an understanding of human experience in its social context at various levels—local, regional and global. Globalisation brings about new kinds of interconnection among the world's peoples that can best be understood through local ethnographic realities. At the same time, differences in values, politics, and cultures are accentuated by global interconnection. The focus on human interconnections encourages students to consider areas of shared responsibility and to consider critically the human costs of globalisation. At Honours level you will engage with these issues intensively and experientially through theory, methods and ethics.

Outcomes: Students are able to (1) demonstrate coherent and advanced knowledge of key theories and methods in anthropology and sociology; (2) have cognitive and technical skills to demonstrate a broad understanding of empirical and theoretical concepts in anthropology and sociology; (3) demonstrate ability to critically review, analyse, consolidate and synthesize knowledge with with intellectual independence to provide understanding of complex problems and issues in anthropology and sociology; (4) identify, plan and implement an original research project in anthropology and sociology, including appropriate ethical issues; and (5) produce high-level oral and written communication appropriate to the discipline.

Entry requirements: The equivalent of a UWA weighted average mark of at least 70 per cent in the Level 3 units of the Anthropology and Sociology major

Intake periods: Beginning of year and mid-year

Honours sequence

Key to availability of units:
S1 = Semester 1; S2 = Semester 2; N/A = not available in 2021

Note: Units that are indicated as N/A may be available in 2022 or 2023.

See the School of Social Sciences Honours Handbook for details on semester study patterns.

Take all units (48 points): 2021 mid year commencing students refer to refer to the 2021 handbook.
AvailabilityUnit codeUnit nameUnit rules
S2ANTH4101Advanced Qualitative Methods: Interviews and Focus Groups
ANTH7481 Honours Seminar 1 (Anthropology)
S1ANTH4103Knowing Social Realities: Theoretical Foundations
ANTH7483 Honours Seminar 3 (Anthropology)
N/ASOCS4100Honours Research Skills
COMM4101 Concepts in Communication, COMM7481 Honours Seminar 1 (Communication Studies)
S1, S2SOCS4101Advanced Theory in Social Sciences
S1, S2SOCS4140Honours Dissertation 1
S1, S2SOCS4141Honours Dissertation 2
SOCS4140 Honours Dissertation 1