UWA Handbook 2017

Unit details

LAWS5102 Administrative Law

Credit 6 points
(see Timetable)
Semester 1UWA (Perth)Multimode
Semester 2UWA (Perth)Face to face
Content This unit builds upon the content of LAWS4108 Foundations of Public Law, and explores the principles and procedures of judicial review, under which the exercise of executive government power is supervised. This is a field which is continually challenged by the complexity and changing nature of government and by shifting political priorities. In addition to gaining an understanding of specific legal principles and cases, students will engage with the broader considerations and contexts that shape the law in this area.
Outcomes Students are able to demonstrate (a) at an advanced level knowledge of judicial review and the broader policy considerations that shape the law in this area (b) an ability to engage with and reflect upon (i) ethical issues related to the involvement of marginalised peoples in administrative law processes, including the intersection of administrative law and human rights and (ii) the competing obligations that attend public sector decision-making and the role of the law and legal advocates in this area (c) the ability to engage in critical evaluation of case law, statutes, research and scholarship relating to administrative law (d) the ability to articulate and analyse complex legal issues and (e) the ability to communicate confidently and critically in relation to legal issues in this area and the broader considerations and contexts that shape those issues, in a way that is effective and persuasive for both legal and non-legal audiences.
Assessment Typically this unit is assessed in the following ways: (1) research assignment; (2) tutorial participation; and (3) examination. Further information is available in the unit outline.

Supplementary assessment is not available in this unit.
Unit Coordinator(s) Ambelin Kwaymullina
Unit rules
Prerequisites: LAWS4101 Legal Process and LAWS4108 Foundations of Public Law
Contact hours 4 hours per week
Unit OutlineSemester 1 : http://www.unitoutlines.law.uwa.edu.au/Units/LAWS5102/SEM-1/2017
Semester 2 : http://www.unitoutlines.law.uwa.edu.au/Units/LAWS5102/SEM-2/2017

Creyke, R. and McMillan, J. Control of Government Action: Text, Cases and Commentary, 4th edn: LexisNexis 2015

Lane, W. B. and Young, S. Administrative Law in Australia: Thomson Lawbook Co. 2007 (this book is now a few years old and there is a new edition expected late 2016. Students will be directed to specifc portions of the text and advised of relevant changes in the law)

Additional texts

Aronson, M. et al. Judicial Review of Administrative Action, 5th edn: Thomson Lawbook Co. 2013

Groves, M. and Lee, H. P., eds Australian Administrative Law: Fundamentals, Principles and Doctrines: CUP 2007

Cane, P. and McDonald, L. Principles of Administrative Law: Legal Regulation of Governance, 2nd edn: OUP 2013

Cane, P. and McDonald, L. Cases and Materials for Principles of Administrative Law: Legal Regulation of Governance, 2nd edn: OUP 2013 (casebook)

Douglas, R. Douglas and Jones's Administrative Law, 7th edn: Federation Press 2014

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Williams, N. Key Issues in Judicial Review: Federation Press 2014 

Connolly, A. and Stewart, D., eds Public Law in the Age of Statutes: Essays in Honour of Dennis Pearce: Federation Press 2015

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