Your undergraduate course offers a wide range of choices when planning your enrolment. Study plans are designed to demonstrate how to complete your course and give you ideas to explore and develop when choosing your major(s) and units.

The example study plans show full-time enrolments leading to completion of your course within the standard completion time. The standard minimum completion time for a bachelor's pass degree is three years. You can also study part-time and take up to 10 years to complete your course. International students may be required to study four units per semester in order to meet their visa requirements. Contact UWA Student Administration for more information.

Plan an enrolment that balances your academic aspirations with your other commitments

A standard full-time enrolment is four units per semester.

First year study plans

If you are unsure of what major you want to pursue or you want to delay nominating your major until second year, you are encouraged to search the first year study plans for ideas and suggested unit choices.

First year study plans?

  • lead to a choice of at least two majors, and up to 11 majors; and
  • include examples of how to fit broadening units into your first-year.

First year study plans are guides only. Plan an enrolment that suits your own individual interests, career goals and timetable.

Course study plans

Course study plans cover all the years of your undergraduate degree in a full range of disciplines.

Course study plans include examples of:

  • all degree-specific majors;
  • many combinations of two majors; and
  • all the course requirements.

Blank study plans and checklists

Blank study plans are also provided for you to fill out online or in print. Use the checklist to make sure you are on track to meet your course requirements.

Using these tools will allow you to confidently and independently manage your enrolment choices. If you're unsure, get your study plan checked by a student adviser in your assigned Student Office. To find out which Student Office you are assigned to, check studentConnect.

Students should be aware that certain combinations of majors, particularly those involving the Engineering Science major and the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) course, are complicated to create and we therefore recommend that you contact your Student Advising Office for specific advice on your preferred choices.

International student visa holders are required to maintain a full-time enrolment.

Refer to the ESOS Act: information for students or contact your Student Office for further advice.