All students studying a bachelor's degree at UWA are required to broaden their studies by completing a minimum of four units (24 points) outside their degree-specific major.

You can satisfy this requirement by:

Selecting any four units outside your degree-specific major such as:

  • Completing a second major or,
  • Completing a minor or,
  • Completing any four elective units outside your degree-specific major

If you are studying a Combined Bachelor's and Master's degree (CBM), you can meet this requirement simply by completing the postgraduate units that form an integral part of your course. However, we encourage you to use the free elective units in your course to study other disciplines.

Broadening is your opportunity to explore other areas of interest, investigate new disciplines and knowledge paradigms, and to shape your degree to suit your own aspirations and interests. Your course adviser will be able to suggest broadening units that are relevant to your major and your career aspirations – but remember, there is no wrong way to broaden your degree!