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This degree is of a higher standing than the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.The degree of DMedSc is awarded for independent and original research which constitutes a substantial and distinguished contribution to the knowledge and understanding of any branch of learning with which the Faculty is concerned. Assessment of a candidate's case is made on refereed publications including invited reviews (abstracts, book reviews and trivial publications should not be submitted or listed). The papers presented should show clear evidence of advancing medical science significantly as reflected in the quality rather than the number of publications. If a submission for the degree includes work from a number of related fields, at least one area must have been the subject of continued and intense personal effort over a prolonged period. The candidate's work should demonstrate a high degree of innovative thinking in terms of the development and testing of hypotheses and discovery, and should be recognised as such by the scientific community at large.

Course title
Doctor of Medical Science
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Higher doctorate
Current / 2024
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Faculty Office - Health and Medical Sciences

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Throughout the year
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Part-time only
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Unknown mode
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UWA (Perth)
Available to international students
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HMS Research Committee
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Course advice
Manager Student Services and Engagement
6457 3631
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Course structure

The University Policy on: Higher Doctorates applies to the Doctor of Medical Science.

See also the rules for the course and the Student Rules.


Applicability of the Student Rules, policies and procedures

The University Policy on: Higher Doctorates applies to the Doctor of Medical Science.