Bachelor of Automation and Robotics (BP007)

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Award abbreviation
Course type
undergraduate course
not available in 2020
Intake periods
beginning of year and mid-year
Admission requirements
Minimum ATAR Threshold is 88. The ATAR Subject Prerequisites are Mathematics Specialist ATAR, Mathematics Methods ATAR, Chemistry ATAR and Physics ATAR.
Administered by
Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences; Graduate Research School

Course details

About this course
The aim of the course is to attract and train students who are interested in careers in automation, robotics and mechatronics while also providing them with a pathway to the accredited Master of Professional Engineering (MPE).

Automation, robotics and Industry 4.0 are become increasingly important across all industries and sectors. Automation and robotics, also referred to as mechatronics, is a broad-based field combining elements of mechanical, electrical and electronic, and software engineering. The Bachelor of Automation and Robotics (BAR) will provide students with the breadth required to work in automation and robotics as well as provide a pathway to develop depth in either mechanical, electrical and electronic, or software engineering. At the completion of the BAR, students will be able to progress into the MPE to develop further skills in one of these three core disciplines.

The BAR draws for the most part on units from the Engineering Science major but also requires students to accelerate completion of lower level units and take three postgraduate MPE units in their final year. To ensure students are capable of succeeding in the accelerated program, the BAR has a proposed ATAR entry of 88 and a minimum average WAM requirement of 65 for progression. Students who do not meet the WAM requirement or choose to exit the BAR will be transferred to the Bachelor of Science and Engineering Science major. Students who commence in another degree and achieve a minimum average WAM of 70 calculated from their marks in MATH1011, MATH1012, ENSC1004, ENSC1003 and CITS1001 in their first year of studies can apply to transfer into the BAR.

The course has one (double) major: Automation and Robotics. The major has been designed so that it can also be taken within the Bachelor of Philosophy.

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of automation and robotics, it has been difficult to date to design a specialisation in mechatronics or automation and robotics within the constraints of the Engineering Science major. Recent changes approved by Academic Board have provided the Faculty with the opportunity to propose a degree in this area. A named degree raises visibility of our expertise in this area and the availability of this engineering pathway.

The Faculty hosted an industry workshop on mechatronics in late 2019. This has informed the design of the degree.
144 points comprising 24 six-point units. Students normally take eight units each year, four in each semester.
Available to international students
Yes. For information on international student fees see 'Schedule 2: Fees'. (Enquiries:
Attendance type
full- or part-time (Student visa holders should read Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 for more information.)
Delivery mode
Standard full-time completion
3 years
Standard part-time completion
6 years (maximum 10 years)
Locations offered
UWA (Perth)
Domestic fee type
Commonwealth supported and/or HECS-HELP
Majors available
MJD-AUTRB Automation and Robotics
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