Extended Major Overview


This major is not available for enrolment and will only be accessible to students exiting the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) without completing the course

The Engineering Science is an administrative major, which is used for students to exit the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) at the end of the third year, rather than at completion of the fourth (Honours) year. A student who has completed a minimum of 144 points in the BH011 Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) including four Level 3 engineering units but who has not achieved a WAM of at least 50 in the engineering foundation and major units will be required to exit from this course with a Bachelor of Science (Engineering Science). Engineering is the creative application of science and mathematics to design solutions for global challenges. From building the world's largest structures to its smallest electronic devices, from moving people across the globe to sustaining their local environment, engineering affects every aspect of our lives.


Students are able to:

  1. apply the natural and physical sciences applicable to the broad engineering discipline
  2. apply the mathematical, numerical, statistical and computational sciences that underpin the broad engineering discipline
  3. explain the ethical, social, environmental, and financial accountabilities, opportunities and constraints of contemporary engineering practice
  4. demonstrate effective team membership and team leadership
  5. communicate effectively in oral and written formats in professional and lay domains
  6. demonstrate a strong grounding in discipline-specific sciences and design principles including their practical implementation.
Broadening guidelines

All students studying towards a Bachelor's Degree at UWA are required to Broaden their studies by completing a minimum of four units (24 points) of study outside their degree specific major. Broadening is your opportunity to explore other areas of interest, investigate new disciplines and shape your degree in line with your personal aspirations. Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Engineering are encouraged to take units or a minor from outside of engineering, to satisfy broadening. However, you may also select engineering units that are not listed in the unit sequence of your engineering major. Advice can be sought from your Allocated Student Advising Office.


MJD-ENGSC Engineering Science; MJD-EAUTO Automation and Robotics Engineering; MJD-EBMEG Biomedical Engineering; MJD-ECHEM Chemical Engineering; MJD-ECIVL Civil Engineering; MJD-EELEC Electrical and Electronic Engineering; MJD-EENVE Environmental Engineering; MJD-EMECH Mechanical Engineering; MJD-EMINE Mining Engineering; and MJD-ESOFT Software Engineering


Engineering Science can only be taken as a degree-specific major in the following degree courses:

No study plans found for this major. See study plans for more information.


Key to availability of units:

Students complete the first three years of their chosen engineering major.