Minor Overview

About this minor
This Minor is designed for STEM+ students wishing to prepare themselves to compete in an increasingly global and diverse job market. Students will learn practical cross cultural communication skills which are directly applicable in the workplace. Drawing on the expertise of linguistics, Indigenous studies and communication specialists, this Minor adds value to STEM degrees by empowering students to navigate the language-saturated world through an understanding of how language influences behaviour across cultures. Students also develop confidence to apply their STEM skills by developing their capacity to participate in the world of mass communication. For students taking a minor which shares units with their other unit sets (majors or minors): in order for minors to be recognised on academic and graduation documents, students may only have a maximum of one unit overlapping between their unit sets.
Students are able to (1) recognise cultural practices that are important for communication; refine generic skills such as understanding self and others, understanding of communication in general
; (2) Demonstrate an understanding of the relationships between language and social life; Identify behaviours that are influenced by linguistic practices in a cross cultural context; (3) have the capacity to craft influential media messages based on an understanding of the contemporary media landscape; and (4) apply knowledge of Indigenous culture and heritage in the workplace.

MJD-LINGO Linguistics


Key to availability of units:
Semester 1
Semester 2
Take all units (24 points):

Availability Unit code Unit name Unit requirements
S1 COMM2002 Digital Media
24 credit points at Level 1
COMM2203 Digital Media
S2 INDG1160 Boodjar Moort Katitjin: Introduction to Indigenous Heritage and Knowledge None
S1 LING1001 Language and Communication
LING1101 Language and Communication
S2 LING2008 How Language Shapes Society
Successful completion of
LING1001 Language and Communication
and LING1002 Language as a Cognitive System
or 24 points in your chosen degree
LING1103 Language, Culture and Society.
LING2203 Language Variation and Change LING2003 Language, Culture and Society