Minor Overview

About this minor

This Minor in Korean Language and Culture offers an integrated study of Korean language in social and cultural context. It equips students with the hands-on linguistic and social skills needed to negotiate real world interactions both in business, government, and social life in an international context. Graduates will have a solid command of basic Korean, and have a good grasp of the cultural, social, economic and political context of the two Koreas. The Minor in Korean language and culture is a gateway to understanding Korea as an emerging cultural superpower and world leader in STEM innovation, from IT, biomedical sciences to renewable energies. By pairing the Minor with a Major in Medicine, Social Sciences, Humanities, Science or Engineering, after graduate students find an advantage as they enter business and non-profit work, or STEM work with a set of communicative skills applicable to a wide range of fields.

Students are able to (1) demonstrate a Korean language proficiency, in both oral and written forms, equivalent to levels 2-3 of the International Standard Curriculum of the Korean language; (2) apply Korean linguistic skills to a variety of formal and informal situations; (3) recognise everyday cultural and social life practices, including customs and cultures of food and drink, traditional and popular culture, workplace and family, and how these area applied to communication practice in Korea; and (4) evaluate how the historical, social, economic and political influences shape work environments in Korea and apply to work-specific contexts.


Key to availability of units:
Semester 1
Semester 2

All students are required to complete at least three Korean language units in sequence and then choose between doing a fourth Korean language unit (KORE2404) or taking ASIA3006, Contemporary Korean Society.

Take all units (18 points):

Availability Unit code Unit name Unit requirements
S1 KORE1401 Korean 1 None
S2 KORE1402 Korean 2
KORE1401 Korean 1
or KORE1101 Korean 1 or equivalent
S1 KORE2403 Korean 3
KORE1402 Korean 2 or equivalent
KORE2401 Korean 3
Take unit(s) to the value of 6 points:

Availability Unit code Unit name Unit requirements
S2 ASIA3006 Contemporary Korean Society
Any Level 2 Humanities
or Social Sciences unit
KORE3812 Contemporary Korean Society
S2 KORE2404 Korean 4
KORE2403 Korean 3
or KORE2401 Korean 3 or equivalent
KORE2402 Korean 4