Minor Overview

About this minor
Our world is on the cusp of a new era of life-changing technologies based on quantum and space science. Quantum computers, quantum encryption, and the rapidly expanding sphere of private and commercial access to space are prime examples. To harness the potential of these emerging technologies, leaders in all areas will require a fundamental understanding of the science behind these technologies, together with a set of STEM skills that allows them to effectively communicate with scientists and technologists, to make informed judgements, and to envision the future. This minor provides future leaders with that understanding and skill-set. For students taking a minor which shares units with their other unit sets (majors or minors): in order for minors to be recognised on academic and graduation documents, students may only have a maximum of one unit overlapping between their unit sets.
Students are able to (1) discuss quantum science, relativity and space science using correct understanding and terminology; (2) apply critical thinking skills in a range of physical situations; (3) apply problem identification, exploration and solution skills in physical situations; (4) apply appropriate mathematical techniques to the expression and communication of physical concepts; (5) distinguish scientifically-plausible reporting of physics and related technologies from unsound reports.; and (6) explore the challenges and rewards of space exploration and colonisation..


Key to availability of units:
Semester 1
Semester 2
not available in 2023 – may be available in 2024 or 2025
Take all units (12 points):

Availability Unit code Unit name Unit requirements
S1 PHYS1021 Applied Physics A
Mathematics Applications ATAR
or MATH1720 Mathematics Fundamentals
or MATX1720 Mathematics Fundamentals
Mathematics Methods ATAR
or MATH1721 Mathematics Foundations: Methods
or MATX1721 Mathematics Foundations
Mathematics Specialist ATAR
or MATH1722 Mathematics Foundations: Specialist
or equivalent
PHYS1001 Physics for Scientists and Engineers
or PHYX1001 Physics for Scientists and Engineers
or PHYS1002 Modern Physics
or PHYS1100 Classical and Frontier Physics
or PHYS1200 Modern and Frontier Physics
S1 SCIE1121 Our Universe None
Take all units (12 points):

Availability Unit code Unit name Unit requirements
N/A PHYS2004 Quantum and Relativity
Successful completion of
PHYS1021 Applied Physics A or equivalent
S2 SCIE2212 Our Place in Space
Successful completion of
24 points of prior study.
SCIE1122 Our Solar System