Course Study Plan:
Master of Professional Accounting (coursework) (40610)

Year 1

Semester 1
Semester 2

Year 2

Semester 1
Semester 2

* This unit is available in semester 1, semester 2. 
This study plan is without conversion credits (96 point course).  
1 Other option units may be available to replace these units.  
2 Students are only required to complete MGMT5610 Applied Professional Business Communications if they have not completed WACE/TEE English or equivalent. Students who have completed WACE/TEE English or equivalent must complete an elective instead of MGMT5610 Applied Professional Business Communications.  
Whilst this plan was correct at the time of print, it is however subject to change. 
This study plan is an example of a full-time load of four units per semester. 
The standard minimum completion time is two years. The maximum completion time is five years.

Unit listing

Students who have not completed the Bachelor of Commerce, or equivalent as recognised by the Faculty, must complete relevant conversion units up to the value of 24 points from this group, as advised by the Faculty:

unit codeunit name
ACCT5432Introductory Financial Accounting
BUSN5100Applied Professional Business Communications
ECON5541Economics for Business: Applications and Policy
MGMT5504Data Analysis and Decision Making

Take all units (54 points):

unit codeunit name
ACCT5501Contemporary Issues in Accounting
ACCT5511Intermediate Corporate Financial Accounting
ACCT5522Principles of Auditing
ACCT5531Financial Accounting: Theory and Practice
ACCT5633Accounting for Planning and Control
ACCT5637Principles of Taxation
FINA5533Finance Essentials
LAWS5508Commercial and Company Law
MGMT5506Ethics and Sustainability Management

Take units to the value of 18 points.

unit codeunit name
ACCT4440Management Accounting: Issues and Perspectives
ACCT5521Advanced Corporate Financial Accounting
FINA5523Financial Statement Analysis and Business Valuation
WILG5001Professional Development Practicum A