Bachelor of Advanced Computer Science [Honours]

The Computer Science core of this degree will develop student knowledge of the principles of computation and information that underpin the computing s oftware and systems that are revolutionising the world in which we live, work and communicate. This core knowledge will enable a student to continue to grow and learn in this fast-moving field.

The Bachelor of Advanced Computer Science (Honours) has three specialist streams: (1) Artificial Intelligence; (2) Computing and Data Science; and (3) International Cybersecurity. These streams introduce students to the state of the art units culminating in a research project in which students will carry out research and communicate arguments and results for expert and general audiences. A named degree raises visibility of our offerings in these growing areas of specialisation within computer science and has a target audience of high ATAR students.

The Bachelor of Advanced Computer Science embraces the multidisciplinary nature of computing in the modern world. In the Artificial Intelligence specialisation, students will gain awareness and critical thinking skills for the ethical dimensions of problems that arise when applying Artificial Intelligence technologies.

In the Data Science specialisation, students will learn how to use statistical and computational methods to support evidence-based and data-driven decisions, becoming a valuable problem solver in the workplace.

In the International Cybersecurity specialisation, students will study contemporary international politics in the context of cybersecurity, giving students the breadth of understanding that employers are looking for alongside technical knowledge.

All majors have been designed so that they can also be taken within the Bachelor of Philosophy

To ensure students are capable of succeeding in this course, the BACS has a proposed ATAR entry of 92 with a minimum average WAM requirement of 70 in the core units of their chosen major for progression. WAM will be calculated at the end of each academic year. Students who have been on Probation for one year and do not meet the minimum WAM requirement will be transferred into the Bachelor of Science in either the Computer Science or Data Science major.

Students must meet the WAM requirement to progress into the Honours year. Students who have completed all other course requirements but do meet the WAM requirement will be transferred to the Bachelor of Science and graduate with a Bachelor of Science with a major in either Computer Science, Data Science or Cybersecurity.

Students who commence in another degree and achieve a minimum average WAM of 70 calculated from their marks in CITS1001, CITS1003, CITS1402 and PHIL1XXX (Ethics for the Digital Age) in their first year of studies can apply to transfer into the BACS.

Course overview

Award abbreviation
Course code
not available in 2020
Admission requirements
Minimum ATAR Threshold is 92. The ATAR Subject Prerequisites are Mathematics Methods ATAR
Administered by
Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences
Course Coordinator(s)
Associate Professor Rachel Cardell-Oliver

Course details

Credit points required
A standard full-time load is 24 points per semester.
196 points comprising 32 six-point units. Students normally take eight units each year, four in each semester.
Available to international students
Yes. For information on international student fees see 'Schedule 2: Fees(UG) and Schedule 2: Fees(PG)'. (Enquiries:
Attendance type
full- or part-time (Student visa holders should read Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 for more information.)
Delivery mode
Standard full-time completion
4 years
Standard part-time completion
8 years (maximum 12 years)
Locations offered
UWA (Perth)
Majors available
(1) MJD-ARTIN Artificial Intelligence
(2) MJD-COMDS Computing and Data Science
(3) MJD-INTCY International Cybersecurity
Domestic fee type
Commonwealth supported and/or HECS-HELP
Visit the fees calculator.

Prospective students should see the Future Students website for details on admission requirements, intake periods, fees, availability to international students, careers information etc.