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About this minor
Digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, automation and communications technologies from smart phones to social media, are developing at an astonishing speed and are influencing many aspects of our lives. This minor recognises that all citizens, not just the developers or direct users of these technologies, are affected by the important theoretical, practical and ethical consequences of these developments. Digital citizenship concerns the skills and knowledge to critically evaluate digital technologies. Digital citizens are able to make informed, appropriate and responsible use of digital technologies in order to engage and participate in society and politics. They also understand that all information systems have vulnerabilities, and the importance of protecting these systems and the services they provide, from unauthorised access, harm or misuse. For students taking a minor which shares units with their other unit sets (majors or minors): in order for minors to be recognised on academic and graduation documents, students may only have a maximum of one unit overlapping between their unit sets.
Students are able to (1) articulate a number of contemporary ethical issues arising from the development of digital technologies; (2) specify the role of cybersecurity risk management in an overall strategy of providing digital information security to mitigate unauthorised access, harm or misuse; and (3) critically discuss various social perspectives associated with the digital media landscape.

MJD-CYBER Cybersecurity;

MJD-ICYDM International Cybersecurity;

MJD-CDSDM Computing and Data Science;

MJD-ARIDM Artificial Intelligence;


Key to availability of units:
Semester 1
Semester 2
Take all units (18 points):

Availability Unit code Unit name Unit requirements
S1, S2 CITS1003 Introduction to Cybersecurity
CITS3004 Cybersecurity
S2 COMM1002 Cultures, New Media and Communications
COMM2202 Culture, New Media and Communications
S1 PHIL1001 Ethics for the Digital Age: An Introduction to Moral Philosophy
PHIL1107 Ethics, Free Will and Meaning
Take the following unit:

Availability Unit code Unit name Unit requirements
S2 PHIL2008 Machine Minds and Superintelligence: The Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence
Any Level 1 unit