• Current rules
    • Dental School
      • Doctor of Clinical Dentistry [90840]
        Applicability of the Student Rules, policies and procedures

        1.(1) The Student Rules apply to students in this course.

        (2) The policy, policy statements and guidance documents and student procedures apply, except as otherwise indicated in the rules for this course.

        Academic Conduct Essentials and Communication and Research Skills modules

        2.(1) Except as stated in (2), a student who enrols in this course for the first time irrespective of whether they have previously been enrolled in another course of the University, must undertake the Academic Conduct Essentials module (the ACE module) and the Communication and Research Skills module (the CARS module).

        (2) A student who has previously achieved a result of Ungraded Pass (UP) for the CARS module is not required to repeat the module.

        (3) A student must successfully complete the ACE module within the first teaching period of their enrolment. Failure to complete the module within this timeframe will result in the student's unit results from this teaching period being withheld. These results will continue to be withheld until students avail themselves of a subsequent opportunity to achieve a passing grade in the ACE module. In the event that students complete units in subsequent teaching periods without completing the ACE module, these results will similarly be withheld. Students will not be permitted to submit late review or appeal applications regarding results which have been withheld for this reason and which they were unable to access in the normally permitted review period.

        English Language competency requirements

        3.(1) To be considered eligible for consideration for admission to this course an applicant must satisfy the University's English language competence requirement as set out in the University Policy on Admission: Coursework, except as otherwise indicated in the rules for this course.

        (2) Applicants presenting with the IELTS Academic require an overall score of at least 7.0 and no band less than 7.0

        Admission requirements

        4. To be considered for admission to this course an applicant must have—

        (a) a Bachelor of Dental Science, or an equivalent qualification, as recognised by UWA;


        (b) at least two years of full-time professional experience or equivalent in the practice of general dentistry;


        (c) current registration as a dentist in Australia.

        Applicants must be eligible and remain registered for the duration of the course.

        Admission ranking and selection

        5. Where relevant, admission will be awarded to the highest ranked applicants or applicants selected based on—

        (a) personal statement addressing; research expertise; years of clinical experience and training; other relevant training;


        (b) interview;


        (c) two referees reports

        (d) desirable - passed the Primary Examination for Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons.

        Articulations and exit awards

        6.(1) This course has the following exit award:

        • 92340 Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry (48 points)

        (2) A student who withdraws from the Doctor of Clinical Dentistry course before completing it, and who has successfully completed:

        (1) the three core units (18 points)

        (2) 24 points from one specialisation consisting of all Theory 1 and Clinical Practice 1 units (24 points)


        (3) the equivalent to 6 points unspecified credit for satisfactory progress in the relevant dissertation unit. "Satisfactory progress" in the Dissertation unit as documented in the unit guide, and to constitute:

        • Submission of a research proposal and/or literature review or clinical paper to the program convenor.

        • Regular meetings with program convenor, (at least 2 face-to-face (in person or electronically) meetings /semester)

        • At least 2 written progress updates addressing any issues, may apply to the School to be awarded the Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry.

        Course structure

        7.(1) The course consists of units to a total value of 144 points which must include course core units and specialisation units. The course comprises the following specialisations:

        • PG-ENDTC Endodontics
        • PG-OMEDC Oral Medicine
        • PG-OPTHY Oral Pathology - currently not available
        • PG-ORDTC Orthodontics
        • PG-PDENT Paediatric Dentistry
        • PG-PRDTC Periodontics
        • SP-DMFRR Dento-maxillofacial Radiology
        • SP-PROS Prosthodontics

        (2) Units must be selected in accordance with the course structure, as set out in these rules.

        Satisfactory progress

        8. Students will not have made satisfactory progress if they—

        (a) fail a unit twice;


        (b) fail more than two units at the first attempt.

        [Approved exceptions to University Policy]

        9. A student who has not achieved a result of Ungraded Pass (UP) for the Communication and Research Skills module (the CARS module) when their progress status is assessed will not have made satisfactory progress even if they have met the other requirements for satisfactory progress in Rule 8.

        Progress status

        10.(1) A student who makes satisfactory progress in terms of Rule 8 is assigned the status of 'Good Standing'.

        (2) Unless the relevant board determines otherwise because of exceptional circumstances—

        (a) a student who does not make satisfactory progress for the first time under Rule 8 is assigned a progress status of 'On Probation';

        (b) a student who does not make satisfactory progress for the second time under Rule 8 is assigned a progress status of 'Suspended';

        (c) a student who does not make satisfactory progress for the third time under Rule 8 is assigned a progress status of 'Excluded'.

        11. A student who does not make satisfactory progress in terms of Rule 9 is assigned the progress status of 'On Probation', unless they have been assigned a progress status of 'Suspended' or 'Excluded' for failure to meet other satisfactory progress requirements in Rule 8.

        Award with distinction

        12. This rule is not applicable to this course.


        13. Applicants awarded admission to the course are entitled to a deferral of up to 12 months, as per the University Policy on: Admissions (Coursework).

        Additional rules
        Time limit

        14. The time limit is four years from the date of first enrolment in the course.

        [Approved exception to University Policy]


        15.(1) Unless on the recommendation of the Dean and Head of the UWA Dental School, permits otherwise, a student must enrol in units to the value of at least 48 points in any year of enrolment.

        (2) Students are required to maintain registration with the Dental Board of Western Australia throughout their enrolment.


        16. Under exceptional circumstances assessed on a case by case basis, the Dean and Head of School, on recommendation by the course coordinator, may permit a student to substitute units up to a maximum of 12 points in another unit or units of equivalent value.

        [Approved exception to University Policy]


        17.(1) Credit will normally only be granted for coursework completed within the last five years.

        [Approved addition to University Policy]

        (2) Credit granted for work completed as part of an approved course at this or another recognised tertiary institution will not exceed 24 points.

        [Approved exception to University Policy]

        (3) A student who withdraws from the Doctor of Clinical Dentistry and is awarded a Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry is not entitled to credit for prior learning should they wish to re-apply for the Doctor of Clinical Dentistry at The University of Western Australia.

        Appointment of examiners

        18.(1) Following submission of a dissertation, the UWA Dental School appoints at least two examiners to conduct appropriate examinations and consider the research dissertations, one of whom must be an external examiner unless the Faculty determines otherwise.

        (2) The examiners results are reported to the UWA Dental School Board of Examiners.

        Requirement to attend and complete prescribed work

        19.(1) Students must attend compulsory teaching and undertake practical and clinical work at the University, Oral Health Centre of Western Australia, and other institutions as approved by the Dean and head of School.

        (2) Providing approval is granted, a student is permitted to take a maximum of 10 University days annually as leave. Leave can include compassionate leave, medical leave , personal/other leave.

        (3) Leave is administered and managed as outlined in the UWA Dental School Student Handbook.

        (4) Students who are absent for more than 10 clinical sessions will be required to make-up any further missed clinical sessions during the remainder of the year.