• Pre-2012 rules
    • 3. Arts Rules
      • Arts Rules for undergraduate courses
        • 3.2 Bachelor's degrees
          • 3.2.12 Bachelor of Music pass and honours degree (10120)*
            • Table 3.2.12e—Bachelor of Music options
              Key to availability of units:
              S1 = Semester 1; S2 = Semester 2; SS = Summer teaching period;
              T1 = Trimester 1; T2 = Trimester 2; T3 = Trimester 3;
              NS = non-standard teaching period; OS = offshore teaching period;
              N/A = not available in 2019; * = to be advised

              Note: The unit availability does not form part of the rules and may be subject to change; refer to Timetable to latest information.

              All units have a value of six points unless otherwise stated.

              AvailabilityUnit codeUnit name
              MUSC3332Drama through Music: Studies in Opera
              MUSC3333Music, Aesthetics and Criticism 1
              N/AMUSC3334Soundscapes of Australia
              MUSC3351Gongs, Punks and Shadow Plays
              MUSC3352Music, Identity and Place
              MUSC3353Music in the Community
              MUSC3354Music, Mind and Medicine
              MUSC3521Digital Audio
              MUSC3522Music Analysis in Theory and Practice
              S1, S2MUSC3543Conducting
              S2MUSC3544Topics in Performance Practice
              MUSC3701Instrumental and Vocal Pedagogy 1 (3 points) 1
              MUSC3702Instrumental and Vocal Pedagogy 2 (3 points) 1
              MUSC3711Choral Pedagogy 1: Choir Leadership (3 points) 1
              MUSC3712Choral Pedagogy 2: Choral Artistry (3 points) 1

              1 This unit is no longer available.