• Current rules
    • Student Rules
      • Part 4—Assessment
        • Division 1—General matters relating to assessment
          28. Submission of same work for assessment in more than one unit prohibited

          (1) Subject to (2), a student must not submit, and cannot receive academic credit for, a piece of work for assessment that is the same, or substantially the same, as a piece of work for assessment for which the student has received, or will receive, academic credit in another unit.

          (2) (1) does not prohibit a student from employing or expanding on data that the student has relied on or will rely on in relation to another piece of work for assessment.

          29. Special consideration

          (1) A student may apply to the relevant school or board for special consideration in relation to assessable work if, in the course of producing the work, the student was adversely affected by—

          (a) serious illness; or

          (b) any other serious matter that could reasonably be expected to have caused the student to perform less well in producing the work than otherwise would have been anticipated.

          (2) A student applying for special consideration must do so in accordance with the policy that applies to special consideration and must arrange for the application to be submitted to the relevant school or board—

          (a) on the appropriate form, with supporting documentary evidence; and

          (b) no later than three University working days after the date on which the assessable work was due.

          30. Fulfilling unit requirements

          A student fulfils the requirements of a unit by—

          (a) complying with the requirements set out in the unit outline in relation to attending specified classes, lectures, seminars, tutorials, practicals and clinical practice, as appropriate, and sitting examinations; and

          (b) completing assignments and other specified work of the unit at a standard acceptable to the relevant school or board; and

          (c) obtaining a grade of Pass or higher for the unit.