• Current rules
    • Student Rules
      • Part 4—Assessment
        • Division 2—Examinations
          31. Availability for examinations

          (1) A student must take appropriate steps to be informed of the time when, and the place where, an examination is to take place.

          (2) Subject to rules 32 and 33, a student must be available to take an examination—

          (a) at the time and place specified for the examination during the central examination period; and

          (b) at any other time or place specified for the examination in the notification of assessment requirements.

          32. Alternative examination sittings

          (1) A student whose religious beliefs prevent the student from taking an examination at the specified time may apply to the relevant school or board to take the examination at another time.

          (2) An application under (1) must be made as soon as possible and at least within five University working days after the publication of the final examination timetable.

          33. Deferred examinations

          (1) A student may apply to take a deferred examination if, for medical or other exceptional reasons, the student—

          (a) was substantially hindered in their preparation for an examination (the initial examination); or

          (b) was absent from the initial examination.

          (2) A student applying to take a deferred examination must arrange for the application to be submitted to the relevant school or board—

          (a) on the appropriate form, with supporting documentary evidence; and

          (b) no later than three University working days after the date on which the initial examination was held.

          (3) A student must take a deferred examination at the campus where the initial examination was held unless the Registrar after receiving advice from the relevant school or board, authorises otherwise on the basis of extreme mitigating circumstances.