Honours in German Studies

Honours in German Studies offers advanced study of German language and culture through units in language (written and spoken) and in selected aspects of German, Austrian and Swiss culture, as well as through a research thesis. It gives you high-level knowledge and skills in German which will allow you to operate with confidence and skill in German linguistic and cultural contexts. The study of language and culture will give you intercultural understandings that will equip you to work in areas involving culturally sensitive differences. You perfect your communication skills in speaking in front of groups and in expressing your views effectively in writing, in presenting and defending arguments and in working in teams. The research thesis gives you an opportunity to work intensely on a topic of your choice. The research skills you acquire will prepare you well for work in many areas of government, business and policy development as well as for further postgraduate study.

Outcomes: Students are able to (1) show competence in the German language in the four macro skills of language acquisition - reading, writing, listening and speaking - rated according to the Common European Framework for Languages; (2) interact confidently and successfully in situations involving German cultural conventions; (3) interpret German language texts - written, audio, visual - in the light of German culture and society; and (4) move with accuracy and skill between the English and German languages and cultures.

Entry requirements: the equivalent of a UWA weighted average mark of at least 65 per cent in the Level 3 units of the German Studies major.

Intake periods: Beginning of year and mid-year

Honours sequence

Key to availability of units:
S1 = Semester 1; S2 = Semester 2; NS = non-standard teaching period
Take all units (42 points):
AvailabilityUnit codeUnit nameUnit rules
S1, S2EURO4101Advanced Research Skills
EURO7481 Honours Seminar 1 (European Studies); GRMN4101 Advanced Research Skills; ITAL4101 Advanced Research Skills; FREN4101 Advanced Research Skills
S1, S2GRMN4102Theory and Practice of Teaching German as a Foreign Language
S1, S2GRMN4104Advanced Writing Skills
S1, S2GRMN4140Dissertation (German Studies) 1
EURO4101 Advanced Research Skills
S1, S2GRMN4141Dissertation (German Studies) 2
GRMN4140 Dissertation (German Studies) 1
Take unit(s) to the value of 6 points:
AvailabilityUnit codeUnit nameUnit rules
S1, S2GRMN4103Advanced German Cultural Studies
NSGRMN4814Australian-Japanese-German Traditions and Practices
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