Major Overview


Italian Studies involves the study of the Italian language as well as its culture. As a language, Italian is rewarding to study—opening up the riches of Italy's cultural past and the fascination of its dynamic present. It is the most widely spoken language in Australia after English because of the ongoing migrant, intellectual, cultural and commercial links between Australia and Italy. The Italian Studies major teaches you high levels of competency in speaking, writing, listening and reading. It also offers a wide perspective on Italian culture, considering not only the culture and history of Italy itself but also Italian-speaking communities around the world including Australia. We offer this major at all levels to challenge and engage you throughout your studies—from beginners through to native speakers. You will also be encouraged to enhance your educational experience by participating in exchange programs in Italy at approved universities such as Siena, Milan or Perugia.

This major is available to students assessed by the discipline as near native speaker.


Students are able to:

  1. show competence in the Italian language in the four macroskills of language acquisition—reading, writing, listening and speaking—rated according to the Common European Framework for Languages
  2. interact confidently and successfully in situations involving Italian cultural conventions
  3. interpret Italian language texts—written, audio, visual—in the light of Italian culture and society
  4. move with accuracy and skill between the English and Italian languages and cultures
  5. creatively apply language skills to a range of different contexts.
Broadening guidelines

All students studying towards a Bachelor's Degree at UWA are required to Broaden their studies by completing a minimum of four units (24 points) of study outside their degree specific major. Broadening is your opportunity to explore other areas of interest, investigate new disciplines and knowledge paradigms and to shape your degree to suit your own aspirations and interests. Many of you will be able to undertake more than this minimum amount of broadening study and we encourage you to do so if this suits your aspirations. Over the next few months you will find here some broadening suggestions related to your degree-specific major. While we know that many students value guidance of this sort, these are only suggestions and students should not lose sight of the opportunity to explore that is afforded by your Broadening Choices. Advice can also be sought from your Allocated Student Advising Office.


ITLNA Italian Studies can be taken as a degree-specific major in the following degree courses:


Key to availability of units:
Semester 1
Semester 2
not available in 2024 – may be available in 2025 or 2026

Level 1

Degree-specific major units

Take all units (12 points):

Availability Unit code Unit name unit requirements
S1 ITAL1405 Italian Studies 5
approval of Convener
ITAL1105 Italian Advanced I
S2 ITAL1406 Italian Studies 6
ITAL1405 Italian Studies 5
or ITAL1105 Italian Advanced I
ITAL1106 Italian Advanced II

Level 2

Degree-specific major units

Take all units (18 points):

Availability Unit code Unit name unit requirements
S1 ITAL2407 Italian Studies 7
ITAL1406 Italian Studies 6
or ITAL1106 Italian Advanced II
ITAL2207 Italian Advanced III
S2 ITAL2408 Italian Studies 8
ITAL2407 Italian Studies 7
or ITAL2207 Italian Advanced III
ITAL2208 Italian Advanced IV
S2 ITAL2812 The Shape of Italian: Communicating Between Worlds
ITAL1402 Italian Studies 2
or ITAL1404 Italian Studies 4
or ITAL1406 Italian Studies 6
ITAL2223 The World of Dante.
ITAL2224 History of Italian Theatre.
ITAL2225 Italy from Romanticism to Realism.
ITAL2231 The Literature of the Renaissance

Level 3

Degree-specific major units

Take all units (12 points):

Availability Unit code Unit name unit requirements
S1 ITAL3409 Italian Studies 9
ITAL2408 Italian Studies 8
or ITAL3408 Italian Studies 8
ITAL3309 Italian Advanced V
S2 ITAL3410 Italian Studies 10
ITAL3409 Italian Studies 9
or ITAL3309 Italian Advanced V
ITAL3310 Italian Advanced VI
Degree-specific major units

Take unit(s) to the value of 6 points:

Availability Unit code Unit name unit requirements
N/A ITAL3815 Linguistic History of Italy
ITAL2404 Italian Studies 4
or ITAL2204 Italian Intermediate II
or ITAL2406 Italian Studies 6
or ITAL2206 Italian Advanced II
or ITAL2408 Italian Studies 8
or ITAL2208 Italian Advanced IV
or approval of Convener.
and ITAL2811 Italian Culture in Word and Image: from the Middle Ages to the Risorgimento (formerly ITAL2811 Italian Studies 11)
or ITAL2812 The Shape of Italian: Communicating Between Worlds (formerly ITAL2812 Italian Studies 12)
or ITAL2820
or ITAL2821
or ITAL2822
ITAL2226 Linguistic History of Italy
S2 ITAL3816 Dante's Divine Comedy: a medieval masterpiece for the modern world
any Level 2 Italian unit
or approval of Convener
S1 ITAL3817 Modern Italy in Film
Any Level 2 Italian unit