Sport Science major

This major provides you with knowledge and skills essential for athlete preparation and specialised fitness industries. You will gain a deeper understanding of the effects of various exercise and training modalities on sport performance. The award-winning sport science practicum provides you with valuable workplace experience enabling you to integrate theoretical concepts with professional practice; interact with other professionals; as well as gain eligibility to apply for membership in Exercise and Sport Science Australia (ESSA). Placements are available in WA (at no cost) and overseas (at the student's expense).This major complements the Exercise and Health major, and when taken together as the Sport Science, Exercise and Health double major, you are eligible to apply to become an accredited exercise scientist upon graduation.


Students are able to (1) articulate the relationship between human structural, functional and behavioural characteristics and their application in the development and support for athletes and coaches to achieve success in the sporting arena; (2) apply knowledge of the assessment of physical, physiological and mechanical characteristics of sports performance, and the prescription of appropriate interventions to maintain athlete strengths and improve weaknesses; (3) demonstrate excellence, creativity and intellectual exploration; and (4) apply relevant employability skills for sport science.

Broadening guidelines

All students studying towards a Bachelor's Degree at UWA are required to Broaden their studies by completing a minimum of four units (24 points) of study outside their degree specific major. Broadening is your opportunity to explore other areas of interest, investigate new disciplines and knowledge paradigms and to shape your degree to suit your own aspirations and interests. Many of you will be able to undertake more than this minimum amount of broadening study and we encourage you to do so if this suits your aspirations. Over the next few months you will find here some broadening suggestions related to your degree-specific major. While we know that many students value guidance of this sort, these are only suggestions and students should not lose sight of the opportunity to explore that is afforded by your Broadening Choices. Advice can also be sought from your Allocated Student Advising Office.

Sport Science can be taken as a degree-specific major in the following degree courses:

BP004 Bachelor of Science
BH005 Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)

Overview of unit sequence

Sport Science is a degree-specific single major comprising:

  • five Level 1 units
  • four Level 2 units
  • three Level 3 units
Key to availability of units:
S1 = Semester 1; S2 = Semester 2; SS = summer teaching period; N/A = not available in 2021

Note: Units that are indicated as N/A may be available in 2022 or 2023.

Students looking for additional electives in the field of Sport Science Exercise and Health may consider; SSEH3339 Community and Worksite Health Promotion, SSEH3366 Bioenergetics in Exercise, Nutrition and Energy Balance and Dysfunction and SSEH3389 Exercise Rehabilitation

Level 1

Degree-specific major units
Take all units (30 points):
Availability Unit code Unit name unit requirements
S1 ANHB1101 Human Biology I: Becoming Human
S2 ANHB1102 Human Biology II: Being Human
S1 SSEH1101 The Musculoskeletal System and Movement
SSEH1108 Functional Anatomy Foundations for Podiatry; HMES1108 Functional Anatomy Foundations for Podiatry
S2 SSEH1102 Applied Anatomy and Athletic Performance
S1, S2, SS SSEH1103 Physical Fitness and Health
Bridging units
Students who have not achieved a scaled mark of at least 50 in Mathematics Applications ATAR or equivalent or higher are required to complete MATH1720:
Availability Unit code Unit name unit requirements
S1, S2 MATH1720 Mathematics Fundamentals
Mathematics Applications ATAR (with a scaled score of less than 50)
with permission.
Mathematics Applications ATAR (with a scaled score of 50

Level 2

Degree-specific major units
Take all units (24 points):
Availability Unit code Unit name unit requirements
S2 SSEH2240 Motor Learning and Control
S1 SSEH2250 Biomechanics in Sport and Exercise
S1 SSEH2260 Exercise Physiology
N/A SSEH2295 Foundations of Work Integrated Learning

Level 3

Degree-specific major units
Take all units (18 points):
Availability Unit code Unit name unit requirements
S1 SSEH3355 Biomechanical Principles
SSEH2250 Biomechanics
any Level 2 PHYS unit
any Level 2 ENSC unit
S1 SSEH3365 Sport Physiology
SSEH2260 Exercise Physiology
S1, S2 SSEH3394 Professional Practice Part 2
enrolment in the Bachelor of Science (Sport Science major)
Bachelor of Science (Exercise and Health major)
Bachelor of Science (Sport Science, Exercise and Health double major) and must have completed 72 points in the degree;
SSEH3392 Professional Practice; SSEH3390 Professional Practice Part 1; SSEH3391 Professional Practice Part 2

Choosing your degree-specific major

Specialised degrees – Bachelor of Advanced Computer Science (Honours), Bachelor of Automation and Robotics, Bachelor of Environmental Design, Bachelor of Music

You must satisfy the requirements of the degree-specific major in your degree before you complete your course.

Bachelor of Philosophy, Politics and Economics

This comprehensive degree does not require you to choose a degree-specific major.

General degrees

You must satisfy the requirements of a degree-specific major before you complete your course. The flexible structure of an undergraduate course allows you to try out a number of different subjects to see what interests you before nominating your degree-specific major. You have the choice to either nominate your degree-specific major when you first enrol in the course or delay nominating it until your second year.

To plan the first year of your study without nominating a degree-specific major, you are advised to choose units that will pave the way to two or more degree-specific majors that are of interest to you. For examples of the choice of units available in first year, search the first-year study plans .

To fully understand the structure of an undergraduate course, read the course structure information and the Undergraduate Degree Course Rules.

The following example illustrates how the Sport Science degree-specific major can be included in the Bachelor of Science course.

Example: Course Study Plan: CSP004-SPTSC

There are more choices open to you. For more examples, search the study plans .

Choosing a second major

You also have the option to choose a second major from those available in the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Biomedical Science, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Design Only available to re-enrolling students. and Bachelor of Science courses, giving you the opportunity to pursue your interests no matter how different they are.

The following example illustrates how the Sport Science degree-specific major can be combined with a second major in the Bachelor of Science course.

Example: Course Study Plan: CSP004-SPTSC-Generic

For more examples of combinations of majors, search the study plans .