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About this minor

China has become significantly relevant to Australia, the Indo-Pacific Region, and the world. University graduates can enhance their career prospects with the knowledge and skills to communicate effectively with contemporary China. This Advanced Studies on Contemporary China Minor at UWA allows students to engage broadly and deeply with contemporary China. This minor includes units that simultaneously develop students' linguistic skills, research skills and understanding of contemporary China's state, society, and culture. It is also designed to enhance students' intercultural communication skills. This minor is designed for native Chinese speakers or students with equivalent proficiency in the Chinese language. To enhance the learning outcomes, all units in this minor are taught bilingually in Chinese and English where possible and appropriate.

Students are able to (1) analyse the developments of the contemporary Chinese state, society, culture, and language in their global contexts; (2) utilise bilingual (Chinese and English) linguistic and problem-solving skills that enable effective communication and collaboration in cross-cultural settings; (3) engage with complex issues in professional practice and/or scholarship that require an understanding of the Chinese language and cultural traditions; and (4) Demonstrate an understanding of the processes and approaches through which current knowledge about Chinese Studies has developed.

MJD-CHNSA - Chinese Studies


Key to availability of units:
Semester 1
Semester 2

The four core units in this minor address the learning outcomings from different aspects. Because all these four units have identical prerequisites, students can take the four units in any order that best suits their study plans.

Take all units (24 points):

Availability Unit code Unit name Unit requirements
S1 CHIN1003 Translation: English to Chinese
Native speakers' competence and literacy in Chinese or equivalent
or Successful completion of
CHIN2408 Chinese 8
or Successful completion of
CHIN3408 Chinese 8
S2 CHIN2004 Translation: Chinese to English
native speakers competence and literacy in Chinese or equivalent
or CHIN2408 Chinese 8
or CHIN3408 Chinese 8
S1 CHIN3409 Chinese 9: Understanding the Chinese State
CHIN2408 Chinese 8
or CHIN3307 Chinese Specialist I
S2 CHIN3410 Chinese 10: Understanding Chinese Society
CHIN3409 Chinese 9
or CHIN3308 Chinese Specialist II