Honours Overview


Honours in Business Law is designed to increase understanding of important theoretical and practical legal issues in commercial law, while also developing key practical skills relevant to work not only in a range of business and commercial contexts but also within both government and non-government organisations (e.g. in the fields of policy development and implementation, regulatory compliance supervision and associated governmental activities). In researching and writing their Dissertation students will, through close attention to key texts and the critical examination of current issues and debates, expand and deepen their specialist knowledge of Business Law, gained at undergraduate level, and develop advanced-level research, writing and critical thinking skills.


Students are able to (1) demonstrate an understanding of important theoretical and practical legal issues in commercial law,

especially issues related to taxation law or international commercial law and to regulatory theory and governance; (2) appreciate the interrelationship between law and business and the effects on both of globalisation, international treaties and the rapid pace of technological development; (3) review, analyse, consolidate and synthesise knowledge, identify and solve defined legal problems and, in so doing, exercise critical judgement and thinking skills; (4) demonstrate the ability to conduct advanced level legal research and writing into business law and related materials and subject areas; and (5) facilitate the practical application of both domestic and international business, taxation and commercial law to business decision making and to regulatory compliance.

Entry requirements

Enrollment in the BPhil or a weighted average mark of at least 70 per cent in the Level 3 units of the Business Law major, or equivalent, as determined by the relevant board.

Intake periods

Beginning of year only


Honours in Business Law can be taken as a specialisation in the following degrees:

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Key to availability of units:
Semester 1
Semester 2
not available in 2024 – may be available in 2025 or 2026
non-standard teaching period
Take all units (30 points):
AvailabilityUnit codeUnit nameUnit requirements
S1 LAWS4203 Dissertation (Business Law) Part 1None
S2 LAWS4204 Dissertation (Business Law) Part 2None
S1 LAWS4509 Introduction to Legal Research (Part A)
Enrolment in
HON-BSLAW Business Law
Enrolment in
or HON-LWSOC Law and Society
S2 LAWS4510 Introduction to Legal Research (Part B)
LAWS4509 Introduction to Legal Research (Part A) (ID 7976)
Take unit(s) to the value of 18 points:
AvailabilityUnit codeUnit nameUnit requirements
N/A LAWS4001 Oceans GovernanceNone
N/A LAWS5215 Theory & Practice of Risk RegulationNone
NS LAWS5233 Base Erosion, Profit Shifting and Transfer PricingNone
N/A LAWS5236 Advanced Australian Corporate TaxationNone
NS LAWS5237 Advanced Australian International TaxationNone
NS LAWS5239 Resource TaxationNone
N/A LAWS5240 Tax Dispute ResolutionNone
NS LAWS5251 International Sales Law
Successful completion of
LAWS4101 Foundations of Law and Lawyering
and 30 points LAWS4102 Criminal Law LAWS4103 Contract LAWS4104 Property LAWS4107 Land Law LAWS4108 Foundations of Public Law LAWS4106 Torts LAWS4110 Legal Interpretation
NS LAWS5260 Intersections of Law, Policy and GovernmentNone
N/A LAWS5507 International Oil and Gas LawNone
NS POLS5501 The Politics of Public Policy
LAWS5214 Public Policy